Tutorial Tuesday: Update On Dip Method On Raw Indonesian Curly Bundles and Frontal

October 13, 2020 3 min read

Today I just wanted to do a quick follow-up on what that Indonesianhair looked like after I dip dyed it. I did totally kill the curly pattern, but I must say I love the hair.  

Hey you guys long time no see.
I've been so extremely busy but I appreciate you guys
so much. You guys you just come out in full force when we have a sale, you guys are with it.

I guess I should say who I am!

Hey this is Peitra from Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair. Just want to come say "Hi".

I want to showcase my Indonesian. This was Indonesian curly but I kind of fried it by bleaching it, so steamed all the curls out.

With the raw hair, when you get a curly pattern that's other than a natural curl they do a steam curl.

So if you bleach it, like really bleach it, like I was the hair was smoking in the foil so I knew it was gonna be a problem. But, even though I fried the hair it is still luscious. It's thick and full.

This is uh two bundles and a frontal and it's still lovely.
You know usually you fry your hair and it feels dry and brittle but, no just put a little bit of serum on it and then I just put some big curls in there, to just give it some body. But yeah I am enjoying it.

So just want to come to you guys because I think we posted the video of me doing like a bleach dip method with this hair, so I wanted you guys to see how the hair ended up.
So yeah I'm loving it.

I trimmed it up trying to get a little bob, it's so full so natural. If you want extensions that feel like more of a natural texture for you these strands, the Indonesian hair, the strands are a little thicker so the hair holds a curl really well. Like I can go to sleep on this hair and I'm good to go in the morning, still will have some body. It's so thick and, like I said it's so luscious you guys. So, if you've ever been interested in trying the Indonesian hair check us out
at ChristopherAnthonysPremiumRawVirginHair.com

We have a sale actually going right now, you get I think 20%
off your total order that's a pretty good deal. So check us out, ping us ask any questions, email us. We have an amazing
support team and we're always here to serve you, so thank you guys so much once again for always supporting us, for always
coming and checking out our sales and giving us great feedback. I've always asked you guys what do you think of the
site and you guys really give me good feedback so, love you guys so much and we will talk to you soon.

There's Big Daddy over there, we're on the way to San Francisco to visit some friends just for a weekend. So, yeah we'll try to take some pictures of our airport experiences. If the flights have picked up, if there are more people at the airport now but, thank you guys again so much for all of your support ping us, email us, call- any questions or concerns about hair, if you've never tried raw hair before, just let us know and we'll, you know, talk to you about it and again we have a lot of tutorials on the site.
We have a YouTube channel so you can see me washing hair, you can see me bleaching this hair, that I currently have in now you can see how nice the curls were before I you know steamed them back out.

But hey, it still feels great it's nice and full and I'm good, thank you guys again, I love you bye.