Tutorial Tuesday: Trying The Dip Method On Raw Indonesian Curly Bundles & Frontal

September 15, 2020 10 min read

I saw a video on YouTube (this is how these things always start 😂😂) and wanted to try this dip cap method of bleaching hair.

I would not recommend this method for raw curly hair as it totally removed my curl pattern.

Hey, you guys, how are you doing? Welcome to Christopher Anthony's premium raw virgin hair. It's Sunday, we're hanging out in the backyard and I decided to do a tutorial on bleaching. It's a new soaked cap method that I've been seeing, so I just wanted to experiment. I'm getting ready to so this Indonesian curly frontal end, this is 18 inches. I've already combed through it, so that's why it's so fluffy. So yes, this is the frontal, it’s kind of crinkly in the back, it was still in the pack that the vendor sent it in, so it’s kind of mushy, didn't get a chance to do anything with it. When you purchase this hair from us, it will be already perfect because we wash everything, inspect everything. So this bundle, I did not wash yet, this frontal I should say, so because I'm getting ready to get to bleaching. I'm going to bleach this 18-inch curly, raw Indonesian frontal; I'm also going to do a 20-inch bundle and an 18-inch bundle. So let me take it off, so you guys can see how I get it. The Indonesian is a lot of fun, if you like big curly hair, I think this is what it's going to do for us.


So I needed to do a sew-in with it so we can put it on the side so you can see what it looks like. So this is the luscious Indonesian curly hair right here. So yes, I'm going to be lazy and I'm going to just mix my bleach and stuff and then we're going to dip the hair in here and do something like that. Then I'm going to run it through and make sure I have it on all the hair and we'll see how this method is. I mean, the teachers on YouTube, you guys, you always show me all kinds of ways to do things, to make it easier and all these experiments, so yes, this hair, I'm going to do the sew-in on my hair tomorrow, which I'll videotape, so we'll be able to see how the final process comes out. So yes, this is your Indonesian curly 18 inches, that's the weft right there. We are going to see, so stay tuned. Let me get to mixing, so I'm just going to be using BW2 and 40 volume developer guys. So let us get to mixing, I'm going to put my gloves on, last time I didn't wear the gloves and it was interesting; my stones came off my nails and all kinds of stuff, so we don't want to; so the first part of this tutorial first lesson is don't forget to get some gloves when you're messing with bleach, okay, because it'll ruin your nails.


You guys gloves on, I don't usually measure, I just like to get a nice consistency and since I'm doing this soaking method, I won't make it too thick, because from what I could see on videos, they usually actually do it in a sink, the bleach mixture with water, a little bit of water and they just stick the wig in there or the hair. This is what we're doing, the powder is blowing everywhere.

I want to also just take this time out to thank you guys, our customers, you guys have been; I mean, I can't even begin to thank you enough of how supportive, your kind words, the time you take out to even comment on the hair that you purchased and what you're going to do with it, then you send us back videos and pictures of the hair installed. And it just makes us feel really good because that's our goal to provide you guys with quality hair, and you know, you find vendors on top of vendors and you're trying out stuff.  And because it's natural hair, its raw hair, I'm getting it from person A and it might be beautiful, I've tested it, it's great. But when they send you more hairs from person B, C, D, and E, and the hair might not be as curly or may not be as straight. So I am going to do a quick video to show the difference because I had to wash some hair this weekend for some orders. So I washed some straight and I washed some curly hair, and then when I went through the straight hair and after washing it, I'm like, well, dang, it looks like the curly hair. So I just got to do a quick video for that for you guys to see, I don't want you to think that when you order straight hair, I'm just sending you any kind of hair. It's just with Indian hair, its natural; their hair is not bone straight, I have the straight hair in now, and I got wet yesterday, so it was kind of wavy but when you flatiron it, oh my God you all, the lusciousness of it, the weight of it; it's second to none, this Indian raw hair is a problem, I'm addicted.

So my sister said I got to start wearing some Indonesian hair, so I got to listen to big sis, she manages basically the business, the pictures, the ads, and everything, so she wants videos of Indonesian hair; we get ready to give it to her. Alright you guys, so this is how much I have in here right now and I'm going to add the bleach with the developer, but we will use the end of the comb. So again, I'm not really measuring guys, I’m just eyeballing it, trying to get a nice consistency, thought I brought everything out, but we're going to use the comb as our stir. So excited to see how this comes out. Well I used to be a cosmetologist many, many years ago, I'm a nurse now, so I'm not claiming to be a stylist or a colorist guys, I'm just playing and bleaching color. I just love hair, I love dealing with hair, I love the fact that I can communicate with you guys, when you have your questions about bleaching, coloring, how many bundles you should get for what you're trying to do.


I'm so grateful that me, my sister and my niece are available to talk to you guys via pinging, or you guys have chatted with us on the phone. So yes, we're here for you guys and that's the kind of business we wanted to bring, like a business where we speak the same language and we're wearing the hair and experiment with the hair. And then you can also be able to ask those questions, I'm like, yes, I color the hair or yes, I'm wearing the hair, not someone that has never even tried the hair. So, here we go, let me get the comb out, it feels nice and thick. Since I'm bleaching the hair, I am going to just wipe it on the hair, but I don't know; anyone is fine. Alright, here is our frontal and I know you're probably going to scream, but I'm going to fold it like this and we are going to experiment. Regardless of how it comes out, I will be rocking it tomorrow so don't be talking bad about when you see the sew-in and the bleach is not even.


Okay, here we go. Before I get the dipping, let me get my foil out. When I take it out, I want to be able to just put it in the foil. So the few things that you need to bleach, you need your BW2, if that's the bleach you're choosing to use, you need your 40 volume developer or 50 if you're that good. And you need a spatula or something flat or a brush to stir your bleach, I just forget that. I like to wrap it in foil when I'm done to get that extra heat in there to make it process. So we're just going to rest that right there, I'll put the comb on it so it doesn't blow away. I've already folded it small enough to make it fit into my bowl.


Alright guys, I'm nervous guys, here we go though. Alright; alright, this is lazy bleaching. So I'm just dipping the hair in here, and I watched a video before; slay by Jordan, I don't know if you guys have ever watched him and ooh, he slays some hair and he dipped the whole wig into the BW2 bucket, I'm like, what? So when I said that thing came out gorgeous, he did that; so that was the first time I saw that and then I started seeing it more often. So, I am just lightly feathering it with my finger up close to the hairline because I still like the dark roots as you guys could tell, but as I said, no matter how it pops we are going to be rocking it in tomorrow. So there, just kind of doing that to it. It's pretty saturated, it's coated pretty nicely here, just trying to get it up. I’m dripping on the table, that's why I put some plastic bags on this table, some garbage bags, I just ripped them open and use them as my protection here from the bleach. So when I damage it, because you all know that bleach will turn everything that you don't want it to.


This is how we’re looking, I'm feeling kind of good right now. I'm going to open it up and show you all the back. Alright, guys, I'm excited, I think this is going to be interesting. Alright, comb out of our way, this is the front, and this is the back. I'm going to want a little more bleach up in this area here and just a little bit, just trying to pull some strands and having to lighten them, nothing exciting. Alright, that looks good guys, now I'm just going lay it on the foil. Alright, that's it on the foil and then I'm going to just cover that up. No special way, just want to seal in some heat, alright, and that is the frontal. We have that in bleach, I'm just going to put it over to the side.


Okay, now we are going to do our bundle. I just want the benefits of doing the inside near the sink, you have water constantly. The next time I might have a bowl with some water in a jug to rinse my hands off. Okay, there it is, getting ready to do the first bundle; again this is Indonesian curly, look at that, oh, it's going to be so gorgeous you all. I'll put it in. I'm doing an 18-inch frontal, 18-inch bundle and a 20-inch bundle. Alright, that's it combed out, get it up before I dip, let's get our foil ready. Foil is ready, put the comb on it to hold it down, okay, you all see how that comb through, this is curly, and tangle-free, I put just a little muscle and just a little no shedding. Happy about that, let's get cracking, will put the comb on this foil so it doesn't blow away. Time to dip, if this comes out like I like, this is our new method for bleaching hair. The other thing I always felt to do is timing, so I never really time how long the bleach is and I just kind of keep checking it, and even though I'm outside, this bleach is still strong.


I'm just using my finger to kind of separate the hair to ensure that the bleach is getting throughout the whole bundle and to begin, using my fingers to separate the hair. It's not a bad process, a little messy process if you’re doing it in your kitchen, the counter will be really up to your belly, so you're not bending so low getting your clothes all bleached up. Alright, you guys I'm satisfied with how much bleach is in here, I feel like it's gone through the bundle pretty evenly. What do you think? Yes, even distribution right there going on. Alright, so stay tuned I'm going to do the last bundle and then when I am rinsing it out and see what color; I still need to do a toner and I don't have that in the beauty supplies post, I'll tone it tomorrow. So thank you guys for watching Christopher Anthony's raw premium virgin hair, I love you guys. I thank you for all of your support; you guys are awesome, awesome, awesome, mwah, mwah, mwah; see you later.


Hey, you guys so to follow-up from yesterday, this is what my blonde came out to look like, at one point the hair was smoking, which is if you've ever used bleach before, you know how that cooking is. So I kind of lost the curl pattern as you all can see, but I'm going to still get it installed and make it rock. Again, this was the Indonesian curly, as you can see there's still some, I mean, once I put it in, we'll see if we can revitalize with a little water and oil and might get some curl back, but that's how the bundle looks. Remember, this is just a continuation from that soaking method, I don't know if you can see it, but the ends came out kind of light, almost like a purple, but I get that trimmed up a little bit. Once I get the sew-in, but also within here, you can see some of that weird purpley color, but you know what you all are rocking purple, so I'm going to just play it off guys and rock it too. So yes, I bleached it too long, so the bleach is damaging anyway, so I think I kind of lost my curl pattern but we are going to install it anyway.


And this was the Indonesian curly hair, frontal in 18 inches, one bundle 18 and one bundle 20. I liked the color, but I hate that I lost my curl pattern. I was getting ready to rock my curly Afro, but we'll see how it looks tomorrow, well, no Wednesday have a great day. Bye.