October 27, 2020 12 min read


Hey you guys, good evening. It is Monday. Thank you for visiting me at Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair.


I had some nice waves going on today and curls but I was fingering it while I was sitting at my desk working so that it just got real big. But this is raw Indonesian hair, I have in a frontal and two bundles. I did a video with me doing a soaking method, to bleach the hair, and I damaged it. So, I kind of trimmed off those damaged ends and tried to do a little bob. You can still see I got some little curl action going on here. This hair is beautiful guys, I just wanted you to see how beautiful it was.


So, my sister saw me today, she's like you should do a video to show people how you got this look. Now, this is not the look but, I’m going to show you guys what I do at night with my hair and then tomorrow I will take a picture, I think I actually have a picture of the look before I did all my fingering stuff through it but, they'll post that with this video so you can see the look, and I'll also take a picture again tomorrow.


So all I do is, what I’m going to use is my finger. I have a little leave-in conditioner, some Mixed Chicks, just pop a little bit on the hair. I got a combination of foolishness right here, so don't laugh at me. I travel for work, so I was on a road trip and I had to get something to curl my hair so I bought these, they're real soft. I have one flexi rod and I have one good old-fashioned sponge roller. So, let's see we got one, two, three, four, five, six ...that means we can do six plaits.


So, I’m a believer in putting your hair up at night. Sometimes I do fall asleep with my hair out but, for the most part, if I know I want it to look good tomorrow I got to do a little something to it. So, if you wanted this look you could have just went to bed with a satin cap, and you could have got this look but if you want to get a tighter look you're going to do what I’m getting ready to do.


So let's get to it, so what I’m going to do first is take a little water on my hand just, no spray bottle, I’m not soaking it, just a little water because water is our moisture guys. So, again this is the Indonesian raw hair, it was actually like a kinky curly hair until I damaged it, then it just got straight but as you can see, it still has the potential to be wild and kinky curly. And, if you look under there, you can see like what the natural pattern now is. So, I love the Indonesian hair because the strands are thicker than the Indian hair and it reminds me of our own hair, and that's why I keep telling you guys if you want a very natural looking hair, like if you don't want to do a frontal or closure but you want to just do a sew-in and leave your hair out, Indonesian is the way to go.  Because it can be flat, I have it looking kind of real poofy and big right now but it can be flat. I mean the texture of it, no one would ever know you're wearing extensions because it looks like our hair. Alright let's get to it y'all because I’ve been talking all night.



Alright, so just running water and just run the water through my hands, like this, nothing exciting and there we are, that is it. It's already getting flat okay. Yeah guys look at this, this is the natural pattern of this hair, I love it, love it, love it, love it, look at that.


Alright not even going to use the comb, we just going to get to it. So the first thing I’m going to do is I get a little bit of my leave-in conditioner, I’m just adding it for moisture, you can use coconut oil, you can use your serum, you can use Moroccan oil- not a whole lot you just want a little bit for moisture. And I’m just going to…that much and that's for…, so then I’m just do like this.


I laid the frontal down with some Got2B gel and spray and it's the best thing since sliced bread y'all. You know you have to kind of probably touch it up in the morning a little bit but for the most part it is what it is.


All right so we did that. So, now just going to grab a section…there it is and, I mean you just do your plait how you want. I’m just going to do it, plait like this. You know when you buy raw hair it's an investment, so I mean, you might have some wild nights where you just go to bed with it or if your curl pattern is the way you want it, like I said, I could have put a satin cap on and kept it moving but I do suggest that you finger through it at least because you don't want to wake up and have to do extra work with tangles because the hair got all mushy at night or you know, like twist it together in a bun in the back or something, you know.


Okay, so let's see what did I say, I can do six plaits. So I’m going to do this one, then I’ll do one here and then one in the middle. So I’m going to go ahead and put the sponge roller on this one. Good old-fashioned sponge roller y'all. Okay and I’m going to take, keeping in mind I got five left, I’m going to take this one. Let’s see, look in the mirror. So far here, I’m going do kind of janky cornrow because I want it to be wavy up at the roots too, so I’ll do it like this. Take it out of my way, using a clip. Okay. I'm just going to do the cornrow. It doesn't have to be perfect. See, I'm not even in the right direction and you all are not even saying   nothing. You all got me going the wrong way. Okay, let me separate it better. So I'm pulling it right here. Okay. That's the hair I want right there.


Take a little more water in my hand. Just some on that top part a little wet to get a little wave up there. Okay, it's not soaked in, the way you're going to catch a cold or anything like that, just some water on there. Making sure I could see, I’ll stay over here on this side. I keep sliding to the other side. So yeah you guys I have a frontal in and two bundles. Like I said, this was like natural black hair and I did the soak bleach method. I soaked it for too long, the hair was steaming and I was getting excited like yes, my hair is going be bleached blonde, not thinking that I'm going to just bleach all the curls out of it. Because it's the steam process this hair, the kinky curly hair, the raw kinky curly hair, any raw hair you get with like a super tight curl, they do a water and steam process. So, it’s no chemical process. So, when you buy raw hair, that’s like a kinky curl, that's considered virgin hair. So, we do sell that on our site as well. So that's why we’re called Premium Raw Virgin hair because we have raw hair and we have the virgin hair. But anyway, but because it's steam that it wasn't chemically processed.


And so, I put this on, let me see I'm rolling them out, put this on, flip it around so it could be tight. Yeah, like I said, this was at CVS. I was traveling for work, wanted some kind of rollers. These were soft, I said I could sleep with that. No problem. Just try to figure out how to get the snap in. Showing you what I'm doing, I don't know if you can see it. I just got these two pieces and I want to snap it. I just twisted it because I wanted it to be tight and not unravel. If you just had like flexi rods or you just had the sponge rollers this will take you no time, but you know, I didn't find all that. I'm sure they're around here somewhere but I didn't really look, you know how y'all got your bathroom where all your hair products and we keep buying more hair products when you got enough hair products because it's everywhere, we can't really find it. Alright. Just kidding, I’m a nurse.


Okay, come on. It seems like it's right there. Alright, try it again and tighten them braids. Let me see. I'm going to try a different… last night I didn't do all that. I don't know, I'm trying to be brand new tonight. I'm just going to wrap it. As you all can see, you can see that it’s so long. That's why I figured I could just twist it and get a better, you know that little thing going on but it's not flowing with me for real. I’ll try one more time. I'm not quitter. I'm going to try one more time. The thing is it feels like it's right there, but I can't.  I feel like it’s right there. Okay, we just going to snap it the way we're supposed to snap it. Maybe snapping ain’t working but see how I did, I don't like that.


So, tighten it back up and I'm going to use the flexi rod for now to be able to just keep the video going. I'll have to go find my other flexi rods tomorrow. Alright. So the flexi rods are the truth y'all, see how easy that was. Flex rodding it, I would have been finished but I like everything the hard way. Okay. I'm just going to do this throughout, I have four of those other wraps. I'll just do four plaits. I’m not even using a comb, just fingering it through but again because I want to start my cornrow on the top and just put a little water.


I'm not a stylist you guys, so I just be trying stuff to make it work and I always know if you plait your hair and put a little moisture on it will get you a nice curl in the morning, but I didn't realize it was going to come out that nice. So that's why when my sister told me, she's like, oh you got to do a video. So here I am y'all, doing my video. Okay. We'll try this one again, fingers crossed I get this right this time otherwise try to act brand new tonight and I used them last night. Alright. So that's the front part, see my thing is I'm trying to do a whole twist thing and come around and try to find any connected again and of course, it’s not working like that y'all, so let me do this. I will be real creative with this thing.


Oh, I wish I had my little red flexi rods y'all but I'm just really doing a video to show y'all that it's all good if you don't have all your tools, you just make it work with what you got. Back in the days, y’all, young people don’t know about this, but we used to use doggone paper bags and rip it and roll our hair y'all. I can’t remember how to do it but I'm sure my sister can, she will have to do a video so y'all can see the truth. Okay, this is the cover part. So, what I want do to is, let me see if I’ll just go… I’m trying to get it to be tight like that, it’s just driving me nuts, but you all get the idea of what I'm trying to do here. I feel like I'm so close you all.


So, I'm trying to do too tight, trying to see if I have any flexi rods hiding. I had some big ones. These are just too big, that's not going to work. I can't sleep comfortably on that. So, what I'm going do is plait back in. I don't how I did it last night, now I'm trying to do it on camera, it’s that the brand new. Alright, so we're going to try this again. I wonder if I roll it from one end and then this way, I can wrap it apart. Yes. Let me try. Okay, and then try to wrap it, alright then I got more... Just trying to get it tight you all, it's like right there. Okay. Yay, hopefully that worked. Okay, I found little, so I got four. So, let's go ahead and get this front part braided.


Okay. Try like that again, work it from the end, looking now that this part is probably going to be easier to do when I'm trying to twist it around. This is not a video on how to use these rollers y'all. I'm just trying to get them in here, but they just so soft. I love it. Okay, and kind of wrapping it around. You know what y'all? We are going to snap it here and see if it behaves. Okay, there it is. It stayed up. So I'm concerned about okay, we got three left. I probably just going to do two. Put this hair to this side, out of my way. These things get to tangles out, not a problem. The water flat top part all the way to the start. From the top, bring it a little bit down. Okay.


I feel like I’m pulling it from the wrong side again but it's okay, because at the start we just put some plaits in. Okay, we good there. Alright you all, cross your fingers that I can get the next one in without spending three hours for this video here. So yeah, like I was saying before, you know, raw hair is an investment and it's going to last you. The hair is full, it’s thick. It's just luscious. It's going to last you. You just got to take care of it, you know, you got to put a little work into it. You got to you know, tie your hair at night.  if you got it straight, wrap it and put the bobby pins in there, you know, if you don't know how to do the wrap let me know, I'll do a video with that.


I'm going to probably take this Indonesian hair out and do my Indian straight again. I love that that Indian straight too but I really, really want you all to get into this Indonesian hair as well. A lot of people don't know about this Indonesian hair and it's just so luscious. Yes, you all, I got that snapped. We don’t have a problem.


Last one. Alright, just a little water on my hand and I’m excited, put it on the top. You can use a comb, I just didn't have one in here. I was just being lazy to be honest with you. Just lazy. Okay, last one. This light is hot. And if you don't know how to cornrow, do some plaits, just take three strands and you know, I did what? Six. So, if you want to just make them more individual, maybe do eight and two by two plaits up here separate and the two on the bottom. That's another option. I just didn't have four rollers, my little curly things. Okay. Okay. Roll it under and I think it matters what direction your roll it because you’re going to get a nice curly pop and style you all, so yeah.


I’m just trying to twist again, it works so easy on the last one. I don't know. It seemed a little thicker. You all, get you some flexi rods, don’t fool with these things, get you some flexi rod. You would have been done at five minutes and watching TV. Feels like it's right there but I don’t hear a snap. Anyways guys, you get the picture, you see how it looks. I’m going to end the video, but I'll do part two of the video in the morning when I take it out. So, you all can see how the style is popping. Muah, love you guys, have an amazing evening. Talk to you soon.


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