Tutorial Tuesday: Raw Indonesian Hair Textures

October 13, 2020 3 min read

Dangit, I am late again for Tutorial Tuesday, I really need to get my life together guysūü§ó We have had a lot of hair coming in from India and Indonesia and we have a lot of orders going out to all of you lovely people, so I spend most of my time washing and conditioning hair.¬† Today I just wanted to show you the¬†¬†different textures to expect when you receive your hair.

Hey you guys welcome to Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair. I've just been washing frontals and closures these past few days. My hair looks really crazy, I look crazy.

It's late at night but I just wanted to kind of show you guys a video on the difference in some of the hair textures. So this is a frontal 13x4, this is Indonesian straight, so I want to show you guys straight hair. I've washed and conditioned, I deep condition all of the hair. When I say that I just keep it in a nice rich moisturized conditioner for a couple of hours, in a plastic ziplock to keep that moisture, with the conditioner really penetrating into the hair.

This is human hair, it's raw hair so it does have cuticles and pores just like our hair so it soaks in the moisture. So there you go that is a frontal. This is a 13x4 and, I want to say, this is 16 inches, that's what I want to say. Tangle free, no shedding, one of the reasons I wash the hair, you guys, is because I want to manipulate it, I want to feel it. I want to know that the hair is not going to mat on you, it's not going to tangle, it's not going to shed. I want to stand by my hair.
So that's that, that is straight.

Over here I have, oh let's see what this is, this is a16 inch body wave, this is our body wave, isn't that beautiful guys, little body wave curl on the end. Hopefully, this light is good you can see what that looks like, gorgeous 16 inches
this frontal Indonesian the hair is lovely. I have the Indonesian hair in right now but, it's a mess I need to wash my hair tomorrow. So you guys, I will do another video, tomorrow.

So you can see that this is what that looks like, you guys can really, I don't know videos are hard to do guys, it looks so easy when you're watching it but, this is some work.

So that's the body wave, that's what that looks like, I showed you the straight, these are all frontals just kind of showing you the pattern, gorgeous. Like I said, I washed, deep conditioned all these frontal and closures for you guys so when you get it you can get the hair installed.

I have some frontals and closures to show you, this is 16 inch 5x5 Indonesian frontal, gorgeous this is their straight. I love it gorgeous, gorgeous hair. It's so soft, it's so luscious feels like our own hair nice look and thick frontal guys. Nice and thick, doesn't mat minimum, minimum minimal shedding. When I tell you, I wash all this hair and i might see a strand or two after washing about seven frontals or you know 10 closures.

Lovely hair you guys got to check us out.

I bought, I have some Indian curly drying right now and some Indian body wave bundles so I'll show you guys that. I'll do a video to show you the difference in that hair tomorrow.

I wanted to show you a video of the Indian straight, body wave and curly so you can see the difference in the hair and the pattern so you know what you're getting when you order.

So yeah I have some hair soaking in conditioner now, Indian hair and also I'm going to wash some Indian closures and frontal so you can take a look at how that's constructed but you know basically they're all this the same construction.

I had one client, one customer, she said how the hair was coming out on the back of the closure and that's, that's normal, that's cool that's not a problem I've seen that before, Just don't trim it because you might be trimming something back here that's gonna give you hair loss in the front. So I just leave it, put some hairspray on that thing, spray it down, and get it installed, that's all, there it is.

Thank you guys for joining me you have an amazing amazing rest of your evening, rest of your day and yeah check our site out Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair and I promise tomorrow I'm washing my hair so I'll let you guys see me better and yeah I have in the Indonesian hair right now.

Talk to you guys soon.