Tutorial Tuesday: How To Bleach Raw Indian Straight Bundles And Frontal

September 01, 2020 11 min read

We could not find a video on how to bleach raw hair, so we thought we would make one. In this video I remembered to show you how to mix the bleach and developer and also how to apply it to the raw Indian hair bundles and frontal. I wanted a higher level of blonde this time around so I also used toner (which will hopefully be in a follow up video).


Products Used

Clairol Professional BW2 Powder Lightener

Superstar 40V Cream Developer


Hey, you guys welcome to Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair. Today, what I'm going to do is I'm going to bleach a 22-inch frontal, this is a raw Indian straight hair, 13 x 4, and I'm also going to do two bundles, one is 22 and one is 24. I'm bleaching the hair, I'm doing a blonde color because I'm getting a sew-in tomorrow, and I have conditioner in right now. We don't have any pictures on our site with straight raw Indian hair, as you can see, it still has some wave to it, so it's not like bone straight hair as we know straight hair to be, but this is how the Indian hair looks. So when you order Indian straight, it may come like this, it may look like this, the colors are a little different. This is a lighter brown color, this is a darker, like a 1B kind of color, and I'm going to bleach this hair right now for you guys. Because I'm going to get it installed tomorrow and I wanted you to see the install, but I wanted you to see how I got from this to the blonde for tomorrow. So first things first, so what I want to do is I want to bleach my knots here; I was on the fence whether to bleach the knots or not, but I think I just go ahead and they don't really look that bad.


I might actually just forget about bleaching the knots part and just go straight into bleaching the hair because I think the stylist is going to put makeup on the lace. So I might not even waste my time with bleaching the knots, so we're going X the not bleach the knot plan, and let's move right into bleaching the hair. So what I like to use, I like to BW2 and I ran out of my big bottle of developers, so I got a bunch of small ones that I had in stock here that we sell, so I'm going to be using these 2 products. I'm going to mix a pretty large bowl because I'm going to be bleaching a lot of hair, so I’m just going to go ahead and get started with the video. I will use gloves once I start doing my mixture, but once I started applying the bleach on the hair, I got a foil right there. I'm probably going to use about eight scoops of bleach, we'll see how that looks. I don't want to mix my bleaching, come up short and then you're wasting time mixing more bleach, I usually just eyeball my bleach and I try to give it a nice consistency, not too thick, not too loose, you don't want it running. And if you put too much, you can always add more powder, I should say to thicken it back up.


Okay, so you want to mix your developer and your powder bleach to give it a nice consistency, not too thick because you want to be able to spread it real good, but not too watery either. I'm not a professional, I used to be a licensed cosmetologist many years ago and I got out of that profession and became a registered nurse. So I'm not; what I'm saying is not gospel, I'm just you know, eyeballing it based on my experience, if you've never bleached your hair before you might want to follow the instructions on your bottle and just do it the way they say to do it, but I'm just used to eyeballing it. Getting that mixture in, that's kind of thick, so if you were bleaching, you're not sticking, this is nice because it's not dripping, it won’t soak through to the other side of your lace. But, it's coming; a little more developer, so I got 3, I knew I would probably need a lot since these are small. You guys, we sell developers on the site, and we don't sell bleach. I was selling the developer on the site for the L'Oreal high color, so you can order your color and your developer at the same time, make your life easy during COVID. It was easy for people to just order things from us and not have to go out to go to the beauty supply, that kind of thing. So we appreciate you guys, all your support, visiting the site, look at all the goodies that we have, participated in all of our sales, you guys have been more than supportive, more than awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your comments. Thank you for all your feedback on our hair. Any concerns you have we share with our vendors. We thank you for all the positive feedback and thank you for your honest opinions. We thank you for all your pictures of what you did with the hair.


So yes, doing really good, I use the brush now to get a really good mixture, oh yes, that's super thick, going to add more developer. There's a lot of bleach, just 10 scoops of powder, just a little more developer, just to loosen up a little bit. We need more powder and I think it will be okay. Alright, that's good, they're nice and loose, not too loose or what you could work with. Alright, getting my gloves on guys, get the foil out, we're going to start with frontal. And then get my foil out now; so that once I lay the bleach on the hair, I can just fold it up. So here in such a way, so I am not going to put bleach on the roots because I liked that darker look. So I am just going to do it here. Again, this is a straight raw Indian frontal 13x4; 22 inches. Okay, get a little bit more down on my; put my gloves on and get ready to get started.


So I usually just apply my bleach and then I seal it in the foil to keep it warm and help it to process and I keep that on for about 30 minutes. So I figured by the time I apply the bleach to the first bundle, the frontal should be ready to wash out. And then; and I want a nice blonde; blonde, so I'm going to use a toner; T18 toner, I have not purchased it yet, I've never used a toner, I just always just bleached it and go, so I'm going to use a toner today. So while the hair; I’m going to wash it off and leave it, I’m going to let the bleach apply and when I get the toner then I resume the video with the toner. I'm going to start at the ends because I want my ends to be lighter and then I'll work my way up. Trying to make sure I get those ends, make that blonde popping on the ends. The bleach is very strong, I probably really should be wearing the mask, and due to COVID we got masks on deck, so I probably should have pulled one out. If I get closer to the top, I'm going to start feathering it a little bit because I don't like that line of demarcation.


So, I will change the angle on my brush and just do a little feathering here. Okay, I'm going to flip it over and put some bleach on the backside. This is what the front looks like, I think I'm going to go back in and do a little bit more on the top, that's a little wide, so I'm going to put a little more on the top, but let me hit this back first. I'm still feathering and as I get close to the lace that's underneath, so I don't really think you're going to see it that much, but; there's your back. Put a little bit more on the ends. I have plastic all over this table, so it's not a problem with me, and I get it on the plastic, that's why I put it there; so, it can get a little messy. Going to flip it over and get the front again. Have to get it off the foil and it’s already lifting, just doing some side breast feather strokes. Doesn't have to be even, wanted it to be a natural gradual color change. It's already lifting, which I like. Okay, let's wrap it in foil, you got to check for the; you got it on there pretty good, that's your front, that's your back. I see some dark spots. I'm just trying to go back over it to make sure, get everything even with my fingers, it's already lifted, so this raw hair isn't playing doesn't have any chemicals and things, so when it started lifting it’s lifting, it doesn't take that long to lift. But the bleach could trick you too, you think of you doing something, then you wash it too soon and it's not the optimal color pop that you want, so better be careful with that too.

Alright, here we go. Here's our frontal; going to put that over here. Grab one of our bundles, going to cut the clips off; I'm not, probably should have done all this before, but I was just hustling to get it done. Okay, I'm going to leave it in two, I'll leave it double. Alright, that's what the hair looks like; I am going to put some foil on the table. I kept the weft double, this was the lighter brown hair. Again, I'm going to apply the bleach, but not all the way to the roots, just kind of feather it to the roots, but pretty close to the weft. Alright, we're going to start with the ends because I want the ends to be a little lighter, so I want it to start processing. I'm glad I'm doing it close up to the weft and I'll stop feathering in a minute, so you don't see that line of demarcation.


So angle my brush, and turn it over, that's the front so far. Trying to do the ends, looks like I might be running out of bleach. I have to make more for that second bundle. I am coming up higher, closer to the weft, just want to make sure every strand is saturated, and feather it as I get to the top. Angling the brush this way, so there’s not a strong line of demarcation there, everything is kind of blended. Okay, that looks good, might have some highlights and lowlights, but that'll still be nice and it’ll look natural. Okay, some of the hair sticking out a little bit out of the foil here, so I think I might add a little more foil to just seal it in all the way. We may have enough, we may have enough, and I’m going to go with it. I think I'll keep it folded like a triple this time, will give me less width, going to be easy to work with. Or do I open it up again and make it more; you do it like this is so long and you close it back easier. Once we still saturate with the bleach we'll be fine. As you know I like to start on the ends so it can start processing.


I'm going to move a little fast now since the frontal is processing so quickly. I don't know, I set no timer, I fail to do that, but I'm going to just have to guesstimate it, just have to keep peeking at it. Alright, just turn it over, that's the front. That's why you got to be good at this beauty job. I'm going to use every bit of this bleach. This is my first time actually using bleach on the raw Indian hair, so we'll see how it does. I usually just use the L’Oreal high color, but I really wanted some good color pop this time, to really get that good color, you got to bleach it. If you all know of another way to really get that good color without bleaching it, please let me know. I like to go up and down and then I like to do an angle to make sure I'm getting the bleach on all the strands. Since I didn't separate this like I did the other one, that's a little thicker, so I got to make sure I am getting that bleach in there.


Look again, this is this side, this is that side, take a peek. So peeling it apart, we still have a good amount of bleach inside the bundle so I feel okay about that. Put more, trying to finish this bleach up on there, pack it in there. I'm putting a lot of pressure with the brush to get the bleach down into the hair since I didn't open the wefts up so much as I did on the last bundle, going to put a lot of pressure to make sure it gets in there good. One thing I'm going to do also is take a little developer since I didn't separate this one as much and just add it to let it soak in, let it saturate in. Just take some developer and just kind of add that in there to help loosen up the bleach and get it to soak down into all the layers of the hair, just as a way to ensure that everything is saturated. Kind of just dig it out a bit and get it to go deeper into the layers. It's nice and moist that's what I like, but I know it's going to go down in there.


You don't have to worry too much with how close you're getting to the weft if you wanted that darker root because you have a frontal you're installing. So for the front of your head, it's going to be perfect and these are going to be underneath, so you're not going to see it as much; your bundles will be underneath. It's looking pretty good. I'm going to flip it over and do the same thing, use the rest of the bleach on this backside and add some developer just to get it really nice and moist. Only because I kept it, I see some dark spots. I'm happy with the moisture; I think it's going to be nice, I think it's going to lift up good evenly. Brushing into the side so I can kind of see in there what it's looking like, making sure it's moist throughout. Okay. Getting another piece of foil; taking these gloves off, let's see how our frontal is looking. Frontal is looking pretty nice, but I wanted to get a little lighter because I don't trust it because once you wash it, I don't want a double bleach, so let's let it keep processing a little bit more.


Looking good right now, the frontal's really toasty, it gets nicely warm. I just want to keep the heat in there. Let’s look at our first bundle, that looks really nice; that is looking really nice. I love it, loving it, loving it yes. Okay, okay, I see you bundle. I think if I do 10 more minutes, it's going to be more than good enough, looks hot, it’s baking. And this one we just did, so I'm ready to go look at it yet, so I'm going let that go keep on cooking right there. Alright, you guys, I'm going to clean up and come back when I'm washing it out. So I'm going to give myself about 10 more minutes. Let's see what time is it; 2:13. Okay, 10 more minutes and I'm going to wash the frontal out first and then I'm going to wash the bundles in that order. So I'm going to clean up, wash everything up and I'll be back you guys.