Tutorial Tuesday: How To Wash A Raw Indonesian Frontal

July 28, 2020 4 min read

Hello, welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. Thank you for visiting us at Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair. We love you guys so much. Thank you for all of your support.

This is an Indonesian frontal, curly, and I am going to shampoo it. So I just wanted to share that experience with you so when you receive your hair, you know what to do.

When you receive your hair, all the frontals, the closures are all washed and ready to go. You can feel free to co-wash it if you'd like but I'm going to do it right now. So stay tuned.

First what I'm going to do is to take the tangles out. So I'm going to comb through. Guess I'll  turn the water off as I'm combing through the frontal.

This is what it looks like detangled, it looks like a little Afro. So I combed through it,had no problem. I don't see any hair so, no shedding so far. I'm getting ready to wash. I like to wash with cold water. If it is really dirty start out with hot water or warm water, that opens up the cuticles and you can really get the dirt out.

So since it's my first time washing this frontal straight from the vendor, I think I'll do a little warmer water so we can get it nice and clean.

Okay. Just squeeze the water out a little bit with my hands and get ready to shampoo. I am using the Silicone Mix brand of products right now. I love the Silicone Mix brand of products, it just moisturizes the hair.

I first was introduced to the Silicone Mix when I was going to a Dominican shop to get my hair done and they swear by the Silicone Mix, it's what they use so I just started using it too. I know there's a lot of natural products out there, a lot of other things that you can use. So you feel free to use what you normally use when you get your hair. That's it lathered up, I'm getting ready to brush it. Got my tangle teezer with me. Yeah. I wish I could hold the camera so you could see me brush the hair. I think it's easier to use the tangle teezer on your own hair than trying to use it on your frontal. Let's see if you guys can see.

Let me just go with the comb. The comb is easier. Again, you start at the ends. I probably should've put this on a mannequin, you guys could see better. Look at me getting soap on the floor but you get the idea. You get the idea.

So I'm combing the shampoo through. So I just have the frontal rested on the counter in the kitchen and I'm just combing through it. And that's what it looks like with the shampoo in it. Okay.

Let the shampoo sit ion there for a while, while I try to adjust this camera. Wash my hands, cause I want you guys to really see what I'm doing. Let's see, might be a little better because you guys don't really need to see me, I want you to see the frontal so, yeah.

So I combed it out just like this on the counter. I started with the ends and since those were all combed through, no tangles, I came up closer to the roots and that is what we have. All right, let me wash it out.

Give me a sec let me wipe off the counter. Fold it in half so you can get the grip. Squeeze out your excess water, wipe the soap off the counter. Let's put some conditioner in. My favorite, Silicone Mix products.

Start at the roots and then I come down. I just use my fingers to distribute the conditioner evenly.

With the Indonesian closures and frontals, they put a lot of hair in here guys so don't be afraid to manipulate it. Get it going. Yeah. Yes. Got some hair coming out. That's fine. You got a lot of hair to play with

. Keep in mind that closures and frontals are handmade strand by strand into this net. Alright. And I like my conditioner to sit for a minute. And I usually put it in a plastic bag.

You got some hair, you know curly hair does give you a little more shedding than straight hair. So we got some shedding there, not much, nothing to write home about, that's fine. So that's the frontal with the conditioner on it.

Put that in a plastic bag, let me get one. You know what?

I wasn't prepared guys,  I didn't get my bag ready. Give me a second, lemme wash my hands.

Alright, going to put it in a plastic bag, it kind of works like a deep conditioner like if you put a plastic cap on your head and went under the dryer. So I'll leave it right there for a minute. A few more than a minute. I leave it like that for about, I don't know, five minutes or so and then I just wash the conditioner out.

But for the sake of the video and the sake of your time I am going to just wash it out. I just wanted to show you I put it in a plastic bag and let it sit so the hair can get conditioned. I'm just going to go ahead and comb the conditioner out. Comb it through again but it's already pretty saturated. Hair is combing thru with no problem.

Again, this is the Indonesian curly.

Alright, we're going to wash that out guys. Cold water so we can close the cuticles now.

I love Indonesian hair guys it is so thick. It reminds me of African American hair, nice thick strands.

Alright, guys, that is that.

See there it is guys, clean frontal, tangle-free, washed, and conditioned. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Love you guys. Thank you for watching. See you in the next tutorial.