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July 06, 2020 3 min read

Putting on our magnetic lashes is fairly easy, in this video we show you how.


Hey you guys happy Sunday. I just wanted to come to you from Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair and do a quick tutorial on installing your magnetic lashes.

Today we are featuring our exotic line. They're nice and full. They're 3d lashes.

They're magnetic, easy to pop on. If you're like me, I couldn't do the glue things so, that's why we are featuring these today. They're 40% off of these. Check them out on my site. We also have our six lash series. You go from low key, just want to have a few lashes in, to a little more dramatic. They're not as full as our 3d lashes that's why we decided to bring those to you guys.


So I'm going to just do a quick install so you can see how fast and easy it is. So let's get to it. Got our liquid liner. Just shake it up about 20 minutes, well not 20 minutes, sorry, 20 times. I just shake it. I don't really count the times. Just shake it and then you just want to take it out and you kind of clean the end of the brush. I have to use a mirror guys so I can see what I'm doing. Just do a nice, easy stroke from corner to corner. Put it back in. Going to do the other eye, nice, easy stroke.


These are so easy to use. Oh my God! Where have they been all my life?


So then you wait a few seconds for it to dry. You know, you can do something else. Maybe finish putting on makeup. I just have on some lip gloss. You can finish getting dressed or you just kind of chill at home. I'm going to use my box cover to just fan my eyes. Okay, take a look. I like, I like I'm going to go one more coat to widen the strip a little bit so when I lay my lash I know it's going to pop like it's supposed to.

So just come back over the first line a tad higher. You want to really get those corners. Gorgeous. Dip it again, wipe your end of the brush so it's not a whole mess. Very fine brush as you can see so that's easy to just do your line. I'm just going to do a line again over here on this side over the existing line and just come up a little bit off the line. Just checking to make sure I like my corners. I think I do. Let's see. Okay.


When I first got started wearing magnetic lashes I would do one coat and then I read on the back of this box here, they recommended to do two layers. So I'm going to do two layers on this one.


Okay. Look at my eyes, see if I'm happy. Yes. I'm happy guys. That's what that looks like. And then use our little applicator, get it did. That's your lash right there. Get my mirror again and just pop it on. I usually try to remember which eye I did first so I can put that one on first. I personally like to use my fingers but for the tutorial, I'm just going to show you what the purpose of the applicator is or the tweezer. You put it right on there and adjust it accordingly. What! Come on now. Look how beautiful that looks. Look at the one eye compared to the other eye. It just opened your eyes up. Gorgeous. I tell you, whoever discovered these magnetic lashes they were thinking about me y'all cause Ooh when COVID hit I couldn't get to my lash tech. My lashes were looking really crazy then I found these lashes right here, what! what! I had gone to the beauty supply store, they were $13.99 for one pair and one-one I said mmhmm, we're not doing this to our sisters. We are going to find a good price for them. Look how beautiful y'all, look how luscious. Come on now, too cute.


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