Tutorial Tuesday: Daily Routine For a Curly Indian Sew In

August 03, 2020 3 min read

Today I want to show you just how easy your life can be with a raw Indian curlysew in. This hair just wants to be moisturized and that's it, no flat iron, no regimen of products, I just braid it at night, sleep in a satin cap and wake up to luscious tangle free curls! In case you are wondering, I am wearing our Divine Colored Contacts, which are available herefor just 19.99!


Hello everyone, today is Tutorial Tuesday for Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair. So what I wanted to do today I have curly Indian raw bundles in right now and this is how I go to bed at night. I just kind of you know comb through with a wide-tooth comb at night and I put it into plaits. So I just wanted to show you guys my maintenance routine for the curly hair. I was telling one customer that this curly hair could be very thirsty, very temperamental, so.. Tangle free, I totally love it and hopefully you guys can see. So, what I do is I just spray a little water because we know that moisture is really water, it's not the oils we put in. all right; there we go. Make sure I got the ends wet, then I'm going to just put on a little serum.



I'm actually testing a new vendor for serum and I will send samples to you guys once you order your hair so you can try it see if you like it. Ends good. Alright, y'all. Then, I get my brush, you can get this at Walmart. You can get the original Denman brush, or you can get this one of those, it's the same thing and you brush from your ends, to your roots. I love this hair guys. Talk about tangle free. It stands up to what it says. All right. And that is the one side just kind of do this because I'm gonna pop back. It's just absolutely gorgeous. Okay, I'll take out this other side. Just give it a few minutes on that side, you're going to see your curls popping in a minute. This side here. Look how beautiful, lush. Then I just spray water, get my face all wet. So do this before you do your make up. Okay. And again your water is your moisture so whatever serum product or moisturizer or even conditioning you want to use make sure you always add some water because the oil seals the water in.



Look at all my hair. I keep getting on my tippy toes because I think the camera is not angled right but you don't have to saturate it with your serum or your oil or your moisturizer and conditioner because you've already saturated with the water and again as we said that is your moisture. Start at your ends, work your way up. This brush combs all of your curls, I know you’re like, oh my God, the curls are gone but they're not. The curls are not gone, y'all. Yes. Okay. See, hopefully you can see how pretty, luscious. This side has to catch up since we brushed it last but yeah, guys, that is your maintenance routine for your curly beautiful, luscious Indian hair. Stay tuned for the next tutorial. We love you here Christopher Anthony's premium raw virgin hair. Muah.