Tutorial Tuesday: What the hell did I buy?

August 11, 2020 15 min read

Our goal is now, and always will be, to offer you the best quality products.

We provide these videos, emails, and tutorials because we never want you to say about our products, 

"What the hell did I buy?"🤷🏾‍♀️



Guys, thank you for coming to Christopher Anthony's Premium Hair. Just want to show you, I'm trying to get better light here. I just wanted to show you a closure, an Indonesian raw closure that I received from a customer. She said it was matting and tangling from the moment she got it. I don't know what to think of it. I am going to detangle it and yeah, this is raw hair you guys, have to treat it like your own. You can't add the products that you normally would for the Chinese hair. You have to really just focus on moisture and not adding a bunch of different products to the hair. The hair is not processed, it's not chemically treated, it's just off the donor’s hair and put on the net. Because this hair is natural hair, and because the people in Indonesian and India do not have the chemical processes, or the machines to do this netting, or creating of the frontals and closures, they do it by hand. So, we'll see what this will, I'm thinking maybe sometimes the cuticle is not lined up and maybe that's why this happened, because they're doing strand by strand. But you know, we're gonna see. I don't really know, I'm not the person that actually creates the product for us. So, I'm just a consumer like you guys. So let us see what I can do with it.


Hey, you guys, thank you for joining me at Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair. I'm coming to you today with a heavy heart, I think I came to you last week with a heavy heart too but, I started this business, Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair, because I want to say maybe for 20 years, I've been wearing weaves and wigs. I started buying hair in Flatbush, off of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, and they used to have these Chinese vendors in buildings that you kind of go upstairs, and all they had was hair everywhere. We stand on one side of the counter, and you look up at the wall and you ask for your texture, and they weigh it. And, right in front of you, I always forget what you call that, but anyway, I’m gonna learn the name one day. But anyway, they are putting it through the thing and they're weighing it and then right in front of you, they weft it and that's how we used to buy hair way back in the day, guys.


So, I've always just loved hair, and the more I bought hair and experienced hair, I realized how crappy the hair is and not all Chinese vendors have crappy hair, I shouldn't say that but for the most part, they have dominated this industry and I'm so excited about all of the black women, black men that are starting hair companies, and have started hair companies and we should be supporting one another. We’re wearing hair, billions of dollars is in this industry, and we’re giving it to the Chinese, to the Chinese companies.


Think about it. Give the money back to your community, share with one another, be able to talk to somebody who speaks your language, who can help you understand the hair that you bought, who can understand what you're going through because we're also wearing the hair. So, I say all that to say I wanted to do a training today and I wanted to talk to you guys about how important it is that you understand raw hair and just don't buy it because someone says, “oh you have raw hair”.

 Raw hair is some work. Raw hair is thirsty. Raw hair you have to be gentle with. You have to treat it, like your own hair. When I say it's work, I don't want you to feel like “let me buy the hair that’s chemically processed because I just throw it on and keep it moving” This hair is so beautiful. I mean, if I keep doing this is gonna get real big and crazy but this hair is so amazing. I have in the raw Indian curly right now and I mean, I don't know how to, this hair is truly like your own hair. I just plait it at night, put some oil, a little serum on it, a little water, because the water is your moisture, comb through it and I'm good. Minimal shedding. I mean no tangling at all guys. Your hair is gonna shed, your own hair when you comb it or brush it, it sheds. So I don't want to lie to you guys or put that out that the hair never sheds. It's hair sewn on a weft, if you damage it or you're pulling too hard, you're gonna have some shedding but, we don't want you to shake your head and hair falls on the ground. We don't want that. Now that's ridiculous shedding so we don't want that.

But anyway, the reason I'm coming to you today is because I had a customer that bought some Indonesian hair. She bought an Indonesian closure. Now when she received her packet that evening, she did reach out to me and say that the hair was matting when she washed it. So I asked her, did you detangle it first, you know? She said yes. This is what prompted me to start making tutorials about raw hair because I realized that people have different expectations for raw hair. They have the same expectations that they do with the Chinese hair. This hair is not processed, this hair is raw. This is the closure that I received back guys. Very matted. They bleached the knots. I mean, just matted to the core. So I could understand a customer looking at this hair saying, “oh my God, this hair is horrible. This hair is cheap hair.”  

I decided to do a video with me untangling this matted mess guys, to show you. I have done some washing hair tutorials to show you how to wash this hair. You gotta be gentle, you gotta go in a downward motion. You can't do it like you're washing a t-shirt. You can't wash this hair like that. You can't wash any hair like that. You shouldn’t wash your own hair like that. So I just was sitting there working today and I was just fingering this hair right, and it was just, the tangles were coming out and I'm like, I need to do a video for my sisters to let them know don't be scared of this raw hair, y'all. This hair is like our own hair. This hair is full and fabulous. It's like our hair. So I decided to do this tutorial, I decided to detangle this hair with you guys watching me detangling hair because I didn't want you to think that I just showed you a unit and then I switched it out and got a good one and this is still a tangled mess. So I'm gonna pull this camera up a little bit closer. Oh, now I'm doing too much guys. Okay. All right.

 So you guys could really see it. Could really see what it's looking like y'all. I started already detangling this side and I said, oops, lemme wait and do a video. It's a good educational point. So first of all, I want to thank all of our customers. We have not had one past customer that has bashed us on their hair or anything. I've had two customers that have had problems with their hair and you know what they did? They contacted me directly and said let's chat about it. I love you guys. My sisters are everything. Okay, y'all are just doing the damn thing. Y’all, just have been supporting us from day one. I wanted y’all  to have quality hair so bad that I told my husband, “Let's go, we going to India”. We got on a plane y'all, just before COVID really took flight in March, we went to India, we wore ourselves out. We were seeing three or four vendors a day, then we had to go back to go visit their factories.

And their factories are little cute houses, with women sitting on the floor, and they bring all this hair from the temple and the hair is disgusting guys. You would, if you saw that hair you'd be like, “oh, no, thank you”. And these women, they get to washing it, they get to de-licing it they get to work on this hair for us, y’all. This is hair that is coming from one woman's head y’all and it is worth every penny. When I tell you guys that I am offering you guys the best price point that I can offer,  if I can give this hair away free, which I will start doing because I want y’all to just feel and just experience this awesome hair, guys. But anyway, so let me get started with that I am getting off task. But anyway, I just want to say I love you guys, because you have been good to us. You could be bashing us on IG, on Facebook on social media talking about the hair is crap, but instead, you decided to just DM me and say let's have a conversation and you know, we face time. That's the real reason I wanted to do this business. I wanted to get close and personal with my customers because no one ever got close and personal with me. When I had an issue with the hair, I couldn't find that Chinese vendor. And if I did, they didn't know what I was saying. They’d be like “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You comb it, you comb it. Bleak Okay, bleach Okay, you color, yeah, yeah, yeah” You don't even hear my complaint. You don't even hear my concern. So no, no, no, no, no, no. Anyway, guys, I love you guys so much. I thank you for supporting me. My business was born when my son died. And I just wanted something to do that he knew that his mom would love and that's why I named it after him. I know the name is long, y'all and I'm working on that. But anyway, just a little history behind that. But let's get to detangling this unit. So once again, this is what it looks like. Okay. Now I'mma get to it, y'all.

 So first, I was just sitting and using my fingers and just you know, feeling it through and just going down like this and saying, “Yeah, okay, there's hope for this little unit right here”. So I was just doing it like that. Always, you know from the ends, and work your way up. Always. Y'all see that? Do y'all see that? Do y'all see that?

 I don't want y’all to ever get so discouraged with your frontals or your closures. And I think you're gonna find this problem mostly with your frontals and closures only because in India and Indonesia, they don't have big factories, where there are machines that are doing this process for your frontals and closures. This is a human being that's sitting there. When we went to India, we saw these girls sitting there actually putting the hair on this lace for you. So it's just a human being, and maybe they might have got a strand going in the wrong direction. So you might find yourself, maybe having a tangle. All you gotta do is just work it from the ends up and get to it. Let's see what we're gonna do with this one right here and I'm just using my finger for right now. Just try to go through it. I’m just using my finger.

And I'm kind of cheating guys, cuz I used to be a licensed cosmetologist. So I kind of know a little bit about hair and detangling and stuff and maybe the average consumer doesn't, you know? When you see something like this, you're like, “oh my God, what am I supposed to do with this.” So, what I try to do is, and I'm getting a team to help me because it is a lot, when I receive the hair from the vendors I inspect it all for lice, even though they say the delice it, I still inspect it for lice. I wash EVERY single bundle, EVERY wig and yeah, and I hang dry right out here on the patio. We have a clothesline, my husband put up and I hang dry it. And I don't use heat on the hair and there's no processing to the hair. So when you get that hair, all was done was just double wash because they washed it and then I wash and condition it again. So yeah, and I also add serum on the hair as well. So this is it so far and this is just fingering. So now y'all I'm gonna take my tangle comb, gonna start going in a little bit with it.


Let me see if I can get the camera to tilt onto the table so you guys can see what I'm doing.


o up over here by the lace, I'm just kind of loosening that a little bit because what happened was, I think with this unit, just when it was washed, she said she washed it. So I don't know if it was detangled first or I don't know what type of method she used to wash it but when I first saw it, I said “ooh there’s no hope for this right here, Jesus”. But you know what, y'all with patience, everything is possible. I'm gonna get this detangled and I'm going to make me a wig,  that's what I'mma do. I can't resell it to you guys because the knots were bleached and a customer had and they sent it back so, that ain't cool. So I will be making a wig and rocking that. Okay, so we got that side all done. Okay, and you just keep working your way but hopefully, you guys wouldn't have this problem. Because, like I said, before I ship it out, I've already washed it and conditioned and combed through it, I comb over it with the wide tooth comb. And then before I ship it, I take a fine tooth comb and comb through it as well because I'm checking for shedding for you. I'm doing all of that because I don't want to send a unit that might have too much shedding. Remember, these are human beings that are making this for us. So you know, sometimes they might slip up, but I'll eat that cost. I will just keep that and I'll just make me a new wig y'all. Yeah, I'll do that.

So yeah, I'm feeling good about this so far y'all. Yass, tangled mess, we gon' get through this. Look at that y'all, look at that. Hopefully y'all can see it and the sun is not too glaring on it. When I get up here too close to the lace I just kind of use the end part of the comb and just kind of see where the tangle is going and just kind of work it through, work it through. And when I'm done I'm going to show you how much hair is in the comb if we have any at all so far, so good y’all.

And the other thing I like about the Indian and Indonesian vendors is that they put a lot of hair in these frontals and closures. So if you lose a few strands, you're not gonna miss them. So these are units that are gonna last you for a minute. They swear it's going to last you from three to five years, but I haven't tested it that long, so I can't cosign with that yet but we working on it y’all, we working on it. And I'm gonna be honest before I found, or had, I don’t even know why I had the desire to do raw hair, but I used to always wear hair from China. That was that was my go to, but I had to buy it very often because when that hair tangled y'all, it was a done deal. So and after a while, the luster and the texture just felt kind of weird and it's so inexpensive, you just buy it again. But you know, I want to provide you guys with a quality product that you don't have to keep buying, you know? You spending good money, you want it to last. You want it to be able to take a beating and keep going so, that's what this raw hair will do.


Okay, we getting through it  y'all. I wasn't sure if this was gonna work out but it's working out.

Just gotta be patient with the raw hair, y'all.

So this customer that sent this back, I gave her a full refund because I just you know, felt kind of bad about her experience with the hair. So I just want to honor that but, I'm making these tutorials you guys so that you can learn for yourself what to do with the hair. So you know we don't have to go to back and forth with shipping, hair back and you know because when you get your hair you all ready, because you want to be able to get your hair done. You ain't trying to be shipping no hair back and doing all of that, ain’t nobody trying to do all that. So that section is perfecto, look at that y'all, look at that. Move it out the way and get over here to this section. See what's going on back here. Just a little patience guys, just a little patience.


And so, after I do this, I am gonna wash and condition it and get it back to life and y'all know, I don't know if y’all saw the video about my husband took a wig class, so I will put him to the test and have him make me a wig from this one. I think it's 20 inches the hair is still wet inside y'all. I just received it today and I'm not sure when she shipped it but it's still wet. Kind of smelling that mildew dampy  smell. So I ain't mad at her though y'all. I understand you're trying to get your hair done and the hair get crazy and matted and you just want to throw it in the bag and send it somewhere so I get it I'm not mad at her at all. I appreciate her. I thank her for trying us, we’re a new company. I appreciate all of you who try us, we’re a new company and I know, when it comes to your hair, you’re leery but just know, just trust and know that we are here for you. And that we are here to teach you, educate, train, whatever you want to call it, on loving and caring for your raw hair. It's an investment and I want to ensure that you are not wasting your hard earned money with this hair.

I probably should have put on a mannequin head y’all so I could be able to get to it a little better but I’m getting through it.



That’s better, me trying to hold it up was not going to work.

Oh my God, y'all, I think we finished. Not quite, got a little more.

You can't be scared of raw hair y'all. They put enough strands in these frontals and closures that they can take a beating, ok?


 Almost finished y’all. That's not bad. Less than 30 minutes. I don't know how long this video is but we're gonna see how long it really took. I wish I was in her state when she was getting her sew in, I could have just detangled it and showed the stylist how to work with this hair and we would have been happy. I want everybody to be happy. That's my goal now, I don't want no sourpusses. Everybody chile,be happy with their hair you gotta walk and be proud, you know, be happy with the hair on your head. It's a woman's pride and crown. So, this is your glory so you want your hair to be fly. You want to feel good about it,  if nothing else is rocking, you want that hair to be popping and your magnetic lashes.

Almost y'all, I’m just on the end corner.

There it is y'all, we've finished. Yay.

The other concern the customer had was that a little bit of hair was coming through on this back end and that's fine. Just don't cut it, because I don't know if it's all connected into how they put the hair in. So you know, you just lay it down. It's not gonna bother you underneath and that's just a little bit.

I don't know if you guys can see that, right here.

So there it is tangle free and I'm happy.

I will continue to do tutorial videos for you guys ‘cause I want you to love raw hair as much as I do. No more tangles. This closure is ready to be utilized. Look at that y'all.

Alright, let's look and see how much hair came out. Let me see. This is the hair. Not bad for detangling you guys, not bad at all and you still have a frontal that's freaking amazing, full of hair, so full and all I did was use my fingers, patience,, and a wide tooth comb guys and I am gonna go wash it.

 I love you guys so much. I hope, it's hot out here but, I love being outside. I hope that this video helps you guys. I will continue to do tutorials. Once again, when you receive your bundle, when you receive your bundle, I've already washed and conditioned it. Just add some more moisture if you’d like, but if you feel funny about it, you want to wash it, I say first you detangle it, you comb from the ends. You always comb from the ends and then you go up and get it real good close to the lace. When you're washing it, you want to wet it first,  get your shampoo in your hand, get it from the top, soap it up, comb it through, wash that out. Get you a nice conditioner, the same way focusing on those ends and then I like to just kind of roll it up like this. Put it in a plastic bag maybe for 10-15 minutes, so that conditioner really gets in there. This is real hair. It's thirsty, it wants that conditioner. You got to remember that this hair is coming from countries where the women don't have all the luxuries that we do to maintain their hair so, it might be a little dry initially but, I guarantee you when you start moisturizing that hair and you start taking care of that hair, the hair is gonna take care of you, you're gonna love it.

Again, we're tangle-free y'all. Whoop whoop, love it. Muah.