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Tutorial Tuesday: Get A Glamorous Look In Less Than 5 Minutes!

June 01, 2020 4 min read

When you're a woman on the move, sometimes your beauty routine gets left behind.

Let's fix that shall we?

Today, we're going to show and tell you how to look fabulous in five minutes or less.

Alright,  5 Minutes To Fabulous, lets go!

  1. Cleanse  face (do toner and  serum here if you do a multi-step beauty regimen)
  2. Shake the magnetic eyeliner about 20 times fast, put on eyelids, track the top of your lashes as closely as possible.
  3. While your eyeliner is drying, moisturize face.(You could put your 
  4. Apply lashes with fingers or the tweezer provided, whichever is easier for you
  5. Do your eyebrows
  6. Apply lipstick
  7. Put your wig on, you are done gorgeous!

Peitra: We're so excited to feature our newest product on Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin hair, our six-pack magnetic lashes. You get two applicators, two liquid liners, you get some tweezers. We have our instructions on the back but what we're going to do today is we're going to show you how to put these lashes on yourself. This is my sister. She doesn't wear lashes. She doesn't wear anything. The challenge is going to be... I can put it on for her and I want you guys to see how you can get fabulous in less than five minutes but then we're going to reverse it and have her do it herself. So stay tuned, to talk to you in a few minutes. Peace.

Fabulous in five minutes guys. We're going to put our lashes on. You want to shake your liquid liner back and forth about 20 times. I've already put liquid lighter on this eye here because we did do a previous video with it on so I'm going to put a little bit more on there just for you guys to see. So just liquid liner, stretch your eyelid, try your best to get a straight line. I know a lot of people are not used to doing their own lashes. I know I cannot put on lashes with glue. That glue is on my forehead, it's in the hairline so when they invented these magnetic lashes I thought I died and gone to heaven y’all.

So again, just put this liner on as straight as you possibly can without making too much of a mess. All right. Okay. And then we're going to wait a few seconds just for it to dry. We're at one minute guys so let me see. Did I put enough there? Yeah, I think I did. And next, she's going to do this herself because the key is for you to be self-sufficient in getting fabulous in five minutes. So now I'm going to take it off of the kit. I got it. And then we will stretch her lid again and we just go..., Oop. It's really hard to do someone else or at least for me. Oh, there it is, it's on guys. It just jumps on your eyes like yes! I'd rather use my fingers guys. Okay. Open your eyes. It really is hard to do somebody else because their eyes are moving. Open your eyes, but y'all getting the picture. Y'all get the picture. Okay. Stop our clock. We did that in two minutes and 28 seconds. And we can start again cause she wants eyebrow stuff done. So I think this is the eyebrow stuff she got going on, but I just wanted y'all to see how easy it was to do the lashes. So let us resume our time because we are going to get her fabulous in five minutes. Brows, get the gray out. She's conscious about her gray. So we want her popping all the way. Yeah. Yes, brows. Yes, brows. Okay. Then she wants to...

Denise: Lipstick.

Peitra: Lipstick?

Denise: Mhmmm.

Peitra: She loves her lipstick.

Denise: It's what I called being made up.

Peitra: She loves her lipstick but we're not going to have this person [Inaudible:03:49] on us for it so we definitely going to have to do a video where you're doing this yourself. You got things to do. Places to go. People to see. Yeah. Three minutes. I'm on the clock guys. Then we going to pop her wig on. Excuse me, cameraman. We're going to get it done. We're going to get her done in five minutes or less to fabulous. She's out the door. Uh oh, she got to help me. Oh my goodness. Why did she put me under this pressure y'all? Okay. Time, let's see. Fantastic. Hide the grey, keep it moving guys. Yes. I think we got it. Y'all know she could have probably put that on herself y'all.

Denise: I could have.

Peitra: She just falls down, I don't know why she got me to do it at all but anyway...

Denise: That's what little sisters are for.

Peitra: This one keeps getting on my nerves. Open your eyes again, you got to have a little more, Hey, you guys, you just have to play with it and figure it out. Like I said, it's easier to do it yourself but she looks fabulous right there. Got her fabulous in what? How many minutes is it cameraman? Let's see. Oh, 04:22. Let's stop. It didn't show on it. There you go. Fabulous in five minutes. We did it. The key is for her to do it herself. You are on the move, you are a woman on the move. You got your wig sitting there ready to go. Pop your color contacts in, put your liner on, let that dry while you're grabbing something else. And you just pop your lashes in, put your wig on. You could've put your wig on actually while the liner was drying but, five minutes you out the door. Hair done, eyes done. Put some lipstick on if you choose. But really it looks like you're wearing makeup once you get your eyes laid. The eyes are the way to the soul, to your heart.

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