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How I put on my Magnetic Lashes with @this.is.sharmaine

June 30, 2020 2 min read

Learn how to install your Christopher Anthony's Magnetic Lashes with dancer/choreographer Sharmaine. Follow Sharmaine on Instagram @this.is.sharmaine and use code sjtate25 to get your lashes!

Hey y'all!
So here's how I put my magnetic lashes on first I have to get the magnetic eyeliner and place it on my lid.
Line it up closely to my eyelash. It is not a skill of mine, it takes me a little bit to get it completely straight, but nonetheless it gets her done so as I place on my liner
I want to make sure that I make it thick enough so that the strip has a good landing place.

Once I get on one lid I'll add it on to the other.

That's the focus folks you see you gotta have your mouth open just a little bit, relax the face, too much.

But I really wanted to move into a low-maintenance type of style. Being in quarantine I have only went out for essentials and that has made me a little bit more in tune with myself, I guess you could say.
I don't want to wear any makeup, I've been giving myself
facials and, to spice it up, I wanted to pop on a lash.

So I got these new rollers, actually they're like one of those things you buy and put in your closet and never use, until you have to quarantine and you have plenty of time to curl your hair. So, I'm trying to get those curls loose while I let the lash liner dry.

I'm gonna go for a semi dramatic day look. Such great choices to choose from (sings) but your girl don't wanna look like she
going to the club. So, I'mma keep it cute for the daytime.

All I do is lay it on there and then I press it together to secure it and lock it in place. I just love the fact that my nails are short enough so I can get up in there but, there is a lash applicator if you prefer. And I know some of my girls got their nails so...

I want to make sure that the lash is straight and ready to go on smoothly, so when I place it near the lining pad it snaps in place and BOOM I'm ready togo.

Gonna pop on a red lip just cuz your girl ain't doing too much with the makeup.

Pick out this hair a little bit, you know, and then I'm good to go for the rest of the day, less than five minutes flat heyy.

Christopher Anthony, magnetic lashes.

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