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  • Big Misconceptions About Raw Hair

    June 18, 2020 2 min read

    Big Misconceptions About Raw Hair

    Today, I would like to share some of the biggest misconceptions of raw hair that I have seen with many of my customers.

    These aren’t tiny misalignments that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things… I’m talking about seemingly benign misconceptions that will adversely affect the entire trajectory of your journey to use raw hair wigs and bundles effectively.

    Interested to hear about them?
    Read on!

    Misconception #1: Raw hair is harder to take care of.

    A HUGE misconception I see that people have towards raw hair is thinking that it is more difficult to take care of.
    Let me tell you the story of how Joanne had this misconception. She complained that the hair was dry, frizzed easily, and didn't maintain it's curl. After speaking with her I realized that she used setting lotion on the hair and that is why it was misbehaving. So Joanne came to realize that in reality, she just needed to use gentle, chemical free products, which can be found everywhere for naturalistas.

    Misconception #2: Raw Hair extensions damage your hair.

    Once upon a time I held this same belief, I though that braids were good and sew-ins were bad.
    However, my sister kept dying her hair blonde and , over time, it got really dry and fell out. I cornrowed her hair and did a sew in with human hair extensions. We did this once every two months or so. Within a year her hair was healthy and she had her length back.

    Raw hair extensions are great for making your hair appear much longer in no time at all. While wearing raw hair extensions/wigs your natural hair is protected from the environment and is resting from constant manipulation, which can cause breakage.

    Misconception #3:I can’t use curling tongs or straighteners with raw hair.

    The reality is that raw hair takes heat very well, remember it's human hair so, you can use heat to curl or straighten. You can use bleach to lighten and you can also color it. Just always remember to use sulfate-free and moisture rich products to maintain its longevity .

    What about you?

    Which of these 3 misconceptions do you have?

    Let Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair help you on your path to a better relationship with fabulous raw hair today!

    Our premium raw hair bundles and premium raw hair wigs will help you achieve:

    Amazingly soft voluminous hair that is easy to maintain
    A new look as often as you want, from curly to bone straight
    A new outlook when you see how good you look in the mirror💖💖💖

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