October 26, 2020 2 min read

Lets spill the tea on raw virgin hair. Raw virgin hair is simply raw hair that has been steamed to give it different textures.  Real virgin hair has not been chemically processed or treated, it has only been through a steaming process.

Interestingly enough, I Googled  the phrase "what is virgin hair" prior to writing this article and I found "other" definitions  out there. So let's talk about raw virgin hair:

  1. Raw virgin hair is simply raw hair  that has been steamed to create a different texture (deep wavy, water wave etc.)
  2. Raw virgin hair has all of the qualities of raw hair - from one donor, cuticles aligned and so on.
  3. Raw virgin hair may lose the pattern that was steamed into it after a few washes but, the hair will still last you 3 to 5+ years.
So, some hair websites will say (for example) 'this hair will last 1 year' or 'this hair will last 6 months' . What that means really is that the hair is NOT raw virgin hair. It is leftover raw hair that has been processed (like washed in acid and sulfur, whaat?) and maybe even a mix of multiple donors.

This processed virgin hair has many names- Brazilian, Peruvian, Remy. However, no one is seriously donating hair in  Brazil or Peru, in the quantities necessary to serve the current market, These are just names for the texture or curl created by the process used.

Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin hair sells only real raw virgin hair. You can rest assured that the only process our virgin hair has gone through is wash, condition, steam, dry in the sun.

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