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  • Hard lessons I’ve learned about human hair extensions and wigs

    June 18, 2020 3 min read

    Hard lessons I’ve learned about human hair extensions and wigs

    Today, I would like to talk about 3 of the hardest lessons I have had to learn about raw human hair extensions and wigs over the years.

    Some of them may come as a complete surprise to you. Some of them may completely change the way you view raw human hair extensions and wigs. 

    Some of them may give you an “aha” moment that will completely change your life. 

     1. I learned that  the raw human hair extensions and wigs I was purchasing  were not actually raw hair at all!

     I once thought that purchasing human hair that came from China was a great option for black women as a way to try new styles without damaging our natural hair.

    One day, I realized that this was not true because the hair that I received from the Chinese vendors was not actual human hair but a combination of man-made(synthetic hair)  and the garbage leftovers from the Indian vendors, which actually was causing damage to our natural hair. The chemicals used to make plastic or wire fiber behave like human hair and that causes women of color to have various reactions to the product.

    2. I learned that men and women in India were actually donating their hair to the temples as a sacrifice to God. This donated hair is available for us (women in the US) to purchase and install as wigs or weaves. This hair was 100% human hair that is carefully hand washed and cleaned with absolutely no chemicals added. 

     A HARD lesson I learned, that completely prevented me from being successful with using raw human hair extensions and wigs myself, was that this hair is not like the hair I had been using before, I actually had to use gentler shampoos and conditioners,  I couldn't just brush it really hard to "make the curls pop", I had to actually treat this hair like what it is - real hair that hasn't been chemically altered to be Brazilian, or Peruvian, which are types of hair that, I also  learned, do not even really exist.

     Here’s the story of how I came to realize the truth. When I finally decided that I wanted to sell  raw virgin hair,  the first thing I did was to contact a few vendors in China and purchase some samples that I could start testing. I also planned and booked a trip to China. As we started to do research, I started to have doubts about selling this hair. An opportunity arose to visit India first and that is where I discovered what really goes into the raw hair manufactured in China. AND I discovered that the people in India were also working to take the hair business back from the Chinese because they felt that China had bastardized the hair for profit.

     3. I learned that yes, raw human hair extensions and wigs cost more and are not as easy to work with.

     Alright, one last hard lesson before we wrap up this email! This is a lesson that changed the trajectory of many of  my customers’ lives. 

    And that is that we are worth it, and raw hair is worth it because once you start using real, quality raw human hair, you cannot go back.

    Here’s the story of how I came to realize this : 


    What’s the biggest lesson you learned in this post?

    And here you go, the 3 hard lessons that I had to learn. But after getting through each of these, I have learned the hard way and now am at the point where I love real, quality, raw human hair extensions and wigs! 

    And today I want to help YOU! 

    Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair helps women of color who love hair by  providing only high quality, fully tested , donated temple hair.

    Try my Raw Indian or Raw Indonesian, both types of hair are 100% pure, unprocessed, raw temple hair  from one donor, which we  have hand selected to provide you with an amazing hair experience. 

    Today is the day to finally achieve a beautiful raw human hair extension and wig experience, I promise you won't be able to stop touching your hair! 

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