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  • Raw Hair Wigs - Their Benefits & How To Properly Care For Them

    June 21, 2021 3 min read

    Raw Hair Wigs - Their Benefits & How To Properly Care For Them

    Wearing a wig is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and experiment with different hairstyles without exposing your natural hair to harsh chemicals. However, now that there are more available wig options than ever before, you may have trouble determining which type is best for you.

    When shopping, remember that not all wigs are made equal. If you are interested in the highest quality products available on the market, consider raw wigs. These are made of 100 percent unprocessed hair collected from one donor. Learn more about them and how to take proper care of them through this guide.

    What Makes Raw Hair Different From Other Types of Wigs?

    Premium wigs made of raw hair have never been altered, processed chemically, or applied with heat. In short, unlike virgin hair, they come in their most natural state. This results in a fuller look, blending seamlessly with your own hair. Additionally, premium wigs can last up to five years with proper care. 

    Premium wigs come in different textures and lengths, such as straight, wavy, and curly, as well as short, shaggy, layered, and long. This type of wig can also easily be crimped, curled, flat-ironed, or blow-dried, making them ideal for hairstyle experimentation.

    How Do I Maintain My Raw Hair Wigs?

    Raw hair wigs are versatile and high-grade, but this quality comes at a price. Since they are not a wear-them-and-forget-them type of wigs, they require high maintenance to preserve their excellent condition and ensure they are clean and keep their shine. Here are some ways to take care of raw wigs:

    • Shampoo and Condition Them

    Your raw hair wigs need the same amount of care and attention as your natural hair. Keep them clean and hydrated by washing them with sulfate-free, water-based hydrating hair products. Note that hydrated does not mean weighed down and saturated with oil, so opt for products that are not oil-based to prevent shedding and tangling.

    Shampoo your wigs bi-weekly to remove dirt buildup and keep them healthy-looking, bouncy, and light. Don’t forget to condition them to let them remain soft and smooth. After conditioning, thoroughly wash all the product out of the tresses to avoid having residual products that can dull the hair. 

    • Use a Bonnet or Silk Scarf at Night

    Minimize frizz on your raw wigs by tying them up at night with a silk scarf or bonnet. Another way to protect them while sleeping is using a satin pillowcase. If the tresses are curly or textured, you may want to use flexible curling rods or put them in large twists or braids to maintain the curls or wave pattern. Doing this will reduce friction between them and your sheets, make them look and feel natural, and extend their lifespan. 

    • Minimize Heat Exposure on Your Hair

    Raw hair wigs can withstand heat, but just like your natural hair, exposing them to too much heat can cause hair damage. So if you opt for heat styling, use a heat protectant and limit the temperature as much as possible to prevent your wigs from drying out or breaking down.


    Among all the commercially available wigs, ones made of raw hair have the highest quality. So instead of settling for substandard wigs that won’t last long, make your every dollar count by purchasing raw wigs. Just make sure to follow the proper hair care guide and order from a trusted shop like ours.

    Christopher Anthony’s Raw Premium Virgin Hair offers high-qualityraw Indian hair wigs, bundles, closures, and frontals. We also have raw Indonesian hair. What sets us apart from others is we hand-select our hair directly from the source. Browse our collection or order now!

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