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The world of human hair lace wigs is vast and exciting due to the many available pieces that can help you change your look. However, if you’re growing out your natural hair but you want to add some volume and length to it without subjecting it to heat, closure or frontal hairpieces are the right way to go.

Sometimes, you want to let your natural hair shine, although you may lack volume in some areas, which is where hairpieces come in handy. They look like natural hair growing right from your scalp and allow you to experiment with various hairstyles, letting you change your look without committing to a permanent haircut. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right closure or frontal hairpiece for you:

Frontal Vs. Closure Hairpieces: What’s the Difference?

As implied in the name, a frontal hairpiece typically covers the front of your head, spanning from ear to ear. As a result, it also covers your whole hairline, making it an extremely versatile piece. It also has a lace or silk base that makes it easier to blend into your natural skin and hairline, giving you the freedom to try on various styles like half-up ponytails, deep-side parts, or messy buns. If you quickly get bored with your hairstyle, then frontal hairpieces are the way to go.

However, like everything else, frontal hairpieces come with a few disadvantages. They’re more expensive than closures, but it will ultimately be worth the price if you use them frequently. We carry various frontal textures, fromstraight tocurly.

Closure hairpieces are very similar to frontals, although they aren’t as versatile due to their fewer styling options. However, if you like to rotate between two looks, then closure hairpieces are perfect for you. These pieces are usually a 4x4-inch patch that you put in front of a weave or sew-in. They’re also much more budget-friendly.

Choosing Between a Closure and Frontal

One hairpiece isn’t necessarily better than the other, as it ultimately depends on what you need from it. However, if you’re brand new to sew-ins and hairpieces, it’s best to start with a closure since frontals often involve a lot of effort. You’ll need to adjust it to achieve a natural look, requiring some expertise in this area. For example, you may have to bleach the knots and dye the lace to match them to the shade of your scalp. You’ll also have to trim and tweeze the hairline until it blends perfectly with yours.

If you have the option, you can ask a hairstylist to prepare your frontal for you. Still, it requires some additional work at home, and you’ll need glue to secure it. That means you’ll have to re-apply it correctly to ensure it lines up well with your hairline. However, closures are much easier to apply and do not require glue at all.

Can These Hairpieces Damage My Edges?

You may be worried about using hairpieces and potentially damaging your edges. Unfortunately, there is a possibility they will, but this occurs if you do not apply your closure or frontal hairpiece correctly. If you put your frontal too far behind your hairline, you’ll end up applying glue to your hair, which can result in breakage once you remove the frontal. To avoid this, be sure to apply the glue to your skin and exercise extra care when removing or adjusting the frontal. You can also use a wig glue remover to lift the hairpiece gently off your skin.


Determining the right type of hairpiece for you ultimately depends on what you need out of it. Closure and frontal hairpieces serve different purposes, and by determining your preferences, you’ll figure out which one works best for you.

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