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February 28, 2021 2 min read

So, how did we come to be called "Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair"? 

In this post, I told you about the Christopher Anthony part (I hope that wasn't too heavy), and now I want to discuss the "Premium Raw Virgin Hair" piece of our very long name.

Back in December 2019, when I decided that hair was the business I wanted to be in, I fully assumed that I would be selling Brazilian, Peruvian, Grade 8A (or whatever), and raw hair from China. I had always purchased extensions and wigs from the beauty supply stores. I thought that the high price I was paying meant that I was getting the best quality hair available. My only problem was communication with the beauty supply store owners, they really did not know the hair, they couldn't answer questions, they couldn't address complaints, and sometimes I felt that they were being dismissive.

I wanted to create a space where  women, who bought hair, could ask  questions and get answers, where the person you spoke to about your concerns actually understands what you are saying, and where you could have a knowledge base of women who also wear the hair, rather than just selling it. 

When my sister asked me for a name for the company (she was building our website), I thought about it for a while and came back with "Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair".  Why? Because I assumed that I would be selling hair from China, which is often termed raw virgin, or raw and virgin. If you watch our early videos, you will see that we were fully focused on testing hair that we had ordered from two of the Chinese factories that we had planned to visit. 

By January 1, I had already booked my flight to China and was in the process of  setting up meetings with vendors and factories but they wouldn't be available until March. Then something unexpected happened, I was able to connect with a couple of vendors in India AND they were available immediately. 

So we flew to India and what I discovered there led me to decide not to sell Chinese hair at all. And, the more I sit with that decision, the more right it feels for me and for you, my customer. 

And yes, raw Indian and Indonesian hair that has a really tight curl is considered virgin (by the vendors) because they steam that hair and let it dry in the sun in order to achieve that curl. 

Since we will stick with our really long name for now, just bookmark us so that you don't have to type it in every time🙂

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