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January 02, 2021 2 min read

There are two parts to the story of why our business name is so long.


Christopher Anthony is my son.


A talented and creative soul who loved people, and they loved him right back.


He was my only child and my best friend. My first call in the morning and my last call at night.


He'd travel with me on my site visits, if I was going somewhere interesting like Miami or Los Angeles, or he'd dive for me when I did rod trip type site visits.


The last time I saw him on May 7th 2016, the day before Mother's Day, he was walking towards the elevator in our Atlanta high-rise, he had planned to go look at car with a friend.

I was kinda mad at him because I thought he would spend some time with me before I went back to my house in the 'burbs, I mean it was Mother's Day weekend right?


That night I got a call from a friend who had attended the cooking demo with him, she said his car had flown into the air and landed in a ditch off an exit on Ga 400. 


She said that he was unconscious but she though he was alright, she scrambled down into the ditch and held his hand until the paramedics got there.


I got to the scene as soon as I could but they wouldn't let me see him.


I wish that...we wish a lot of things after the fact.


My sister had a dream in that week before his funeral, she was talking to Chris and he said, "You won't remember me."

She asked him, "Why do you think that?" 

He replied, "Because people forget."


And that's the reason why we are named Christopher Anthony's.


So, that took me back a little, let me take a breath and I will come back tomorrow and tell you the 2nd half of the "Why is your name so long" story.

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