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  • How You Can Wear A Lace Wig Without Losing Your Edges

    December 28, 2021 3 min read

    How You Can Wear A Lace Wig Without Losing Your Edges

    Wigs are one of the most popular accessories that people use to look at their best. They are sure to make you look attractive, feel powerful, and get every head in the room to turn your way.

    However, you want to reap the benefits of wearing lace wigs without damaging your hair underneath and losing your edges. Follow our tips below to know how. 

    Clean Your Wig 

    Naturally, you need to wash your hair and the wig to keep them looking healthy. We recommend cleaning the inside of your wig with alcohol; you want to maintain its cleanliness since it regularly comes in contact with your hair. 

    Glue Your Wig on the Right Position

    The proper placement is important in putting on a lace wig. Attaching the lace front too far in front of the hairline can chafe and irritate the scalp. Similarly, placing the lace front too far behind the hairline can make you accidentally apply glue to your natural hair, another disaster that you want to avoid. 

    Focus on putting the lace front in its proper position. We recommend trimming the lace back during installation to align with the hairline. Be careful not to cut your wig or your real hair. In addition, you may want to consider wrapping your hair with a silk cap before installing it to help make the wig look a lot more natural.

    Patch Test before Applying the Adhesive

    It is always best to test your skin for any sensitivity before applying the glue. This is because using the wrong adhesive can irritate your skin and eventually lead to build-up on the scalp and breakage along the edges. You must be wary of chemicals that irritate you, especially if you have sensitive skin.

    To do a patch test, put a small amount of the specific adhesive on the inside of your wrist or behind your ear and cover it with a Band-Aid. Then, remove this in the morning and check for signs of redness. Try a different product if there is any indication of irritation.

    Remove Your Wig Correctly

    No matter how much you want to move on to a new hairstyle or how loose your wig already feels, do not be tempted to rip it off, as doing this can tear your edges. The adhesive is strong, and hurriedly removing the wig can lead to various issues. 

    To remove it correctly, apply an adhesive remover first. You may want to use an oil-based remover instead of an alcohol-based one if you have sensitive skin. Then, gently peel your wig from the scalp, working from one side to the other. Place the wig back on its stand to retain its shape and wash your face with warm soapy water to altogether remove any remaining substances. 

    Try a Glueless Wig 

    If you want to skip the hassle of using adhesives, you may want to consider trying a glueless wig. They come with adjustable straps and even small combs to remain in place. Glueless wigs may take more effort to keep straight because of the absence of any adhesives, but with practice over time, they can look as natural as lace fronts without damaging your hair or scalp.


    Wearing a wig is a great way to boost your confidence and achieve your desired look. By following our tips above, wearing one does not necessarily have to lead to the loss of your strands, and you can stun anyone anywhere you go.

    If you are looking for thebest human hair wigs, check out Christopher Anthonys Premium Raw Virgin Hair. We hand select our hair and go straight to the source to provide you with the best. We are dedicated to quality and true satisfaction with our clientele. Our mission is to empower you, so shop with us today!

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