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Most businesses aim to solve a problem or offer something to their customers to improve their quality of life. When it comes to the beauty industry, specifically with hair, many brands aim to provide female empowerment through enhancing one’s appearance. Many products have been thriving in sales this last decade, making it a very feasible venture.

Hair extensions have been revered by many individuals, thanks to the luscious locks it creates. It’s still considered a hot commodity in today’s day and age, making it the perfect product to build your business on. Here’s how you can transform your ideas and create a business selling hair extensions:

1) Think of a Name

Although it may seem cliche, most entrepreneurs’ success comes from their name and how quickly some people catch on to it. There’s also the business of generating SEO, where people can search up the business name immediately.

When it comes to the beauty industry, everything can be so saturated. It’s best to put the product that you’re selling down in the actual business name to stand out to consumers. In this case, attach the term Hair Extensions with another noun or adjective.

2) Develop the Brand

Whether you’ve decided to go with Angelic Hair Extensions or Witchy Hair Extensions, it’s time to work on the branding. The logo should be at the top of the agenda, as it’s something you’re going to use on the website, on the packaging, and in just about everything associated with your business.

Cohesion is important when planning your brand, so be sure that every element aligns with one another. Aesthetics, the colors, and the copy should all be united in order to fully represent your business and make a good first impression on potential customers.

3) Find Good Suppliers

When it comes to selling hair extensions, one of the biggest hurdles that will make or break your business is the supply chain. Do you have a hair vendor? Are you getting the extensions for a good price? Will you be able to generate a profit out of the sales?

It’s best to find good wholesale suppliers that will be able to get you fabulous hair extensions and deals. Speak with the most experienced services for high-quality weaves, ensuring that you aren’t getting some sketchy hair bundles for your hard-earned money.

4) Curate a Collection

Once you have a supplier, it’s time to choose what hair extensions you’ll actually be selling under your brand’s name and platform. Your potential customer base will likely be very different, and it would be ideal to cater to a majority of them.

Have at least a number of different lengths, styles, and colors to offer. This can be rather expensive, which is why it’s important to get in touch with a supplier who can allow you to order in bulk with discounts.

5) Start Marketing

Marketing is something that most entrepreneurs will either love or hate doing. There’s no getting around how necessary digital advertising and social media profiles can be in today’s business landscape, though.

Beauty brands often do best on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, though you can try out other media-based social networks as well. Be sure to upload enticing pictures and videos of the hair extensions to incite interest among your followers.


Following these steps may seem easier said than done, but a little patience is needed. Everything will fall into place for your hair extensions business with enough motivation and an excellent work ethic.

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