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  • 4 Easy Ways to Test the Quality of Your Hair Bundle

    August 30, 2021 3 min read

    4 Easy Ways to Test the Quality of Your Hair Bundle

    There’s no denying that the hair industry is becoming more and more prosperous. With men and women placing more importance on how their hair looks, it makes sense for businesses to profit off the growing demand. 

    However, although the amount of high-quality human hair lace wigs, bundles, and extensions have definitely increased over the years, it’s crucial to keep in mind that some companies see this as the perfect opportunity to fool people into paying a lot in exchange for bad hair.

    If you’re worried whether you’ve been the victim of a scam and have been sold synthetic  or processed hair instead of real human hair, we’ve got you! Just try out any of the tests below to find out the actual quality of your hair:

  • Burn Test
  • This test is the simplest way to determine whether you have synthetic, virgin, or raw hair, as different types will react differently to fire. Proceed with caution—since fire is involved, you must take the necessary safety precautions to avoid any accidents. Make sure to do this test in a metal sink or away from flammable items.


    To perform the test, take a small section of hair and burn it with a lighter. Natural human hair will catch flames, change into a grey ash color and produce white smoke. On the other hand, synthetic hair won’t burn and will form into clumps while giving off a bad smell.


  • Texture Test
  • Since human hair is cut from a real person and washed with conditioner, it will have natural imperfections. Most people don’t have a perfect wave from root to tip—some stands will have irregular curls, ringlets, or waves, and the texture may even differ within the same bundle.

    If you don’t notice any irregularity in your hair bundle, then what you have is most probably fake. Unprocessed hair doesn’t have a perfectly uniform pattern, but processed hair does. Fake hair achieves its beautifully formed wave using chemicals, which are not involved in sourcing natural raw hair.

  • Wash Test
  • The wash test is another way to determine whether your hair is raw or not. Washing your hair shows the natural texture and if it’s been dyed or chemically processed. While washing the hair, watch out for color variations running off the hair.

    Although some chemicals may not show in the water, the changes would be enough to determine the hair’s quality.

    If you notice the water changing in color, then the chances are that your hair has been dyed and chemically processed beforehand. In addition, if hair lacks luster after washing; it might have been treated with silicone to make it look shiny.


  • Price
  • Checking the price of your hair is the easiest way to know what the type of your hair bundle is. When it comes to hair, you will get what you pay for—more affordable hair bundles don’t automatically mean that they’re fake, but the possibility that they are is undoubtedly high.

    If you want to wear the best hair quality, you will have to invest in it!



    Premium raw hair is no longer difficult to come by, but so is mislabeled and fake hair! Performing a few tests can help distinguish between raw and synthetic/processed  hair, but it would have been too late as you’ve already bought the hair. If you want to be sure that you’ll end up with beautiful human hair next time, make sure you buy your hair bundles from a trusted source.

    Have you been looking for the best human hair? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Christopher Anthony’s Raw Premium Virgin Hair, we hand select our hair and go straight to the source to provide our customers with the best. Browse our hair today!

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