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  • What You Should Know About Raw & Virgin Indian Hair

    July 14, 2021 3 min read

    What You Should Know About Raw & Virgin Indian Hair

    When it comes to the best human hair, raw Indian hair is the best type to wear! These beautiful, unprocessed locks have long been sought after by men and women wanting to change their look and restyle their hair.

    Raw Indian hair, in particular, is one of the best choices for hair extensions, weaves, and wigs because of its naturally silky texture and color. However, although Indian hair is considered a high-quality material worldwide, some people still have misconceptions.

    To set the record straight, we’ve listed down the most important things you have to know about raw Indian hair.

  • It Has To Be Taken Care of Like Your Natural Hair

  • Hair is hair, no matter what form it comes in. Even though raw Indian hair is already of the best quality, it won’t look healthy and smooth if you don’t take care and regularly maintain it. Just like the hair growing out from your scalp, the best human hair also needs some love.

    Since raw hair is 100% human hair, it will react to the environment as your natural hair does, so dirt and buildup will also collect between the locks. Your wig or weave may not be growing anymore, but it will still need to be washed, conditioned, and brushed through.

    To keep the raw Indian hair at its best quality, make sure to shampoo and condition it, but not as often as you do your actual hair. Don’t forget to add products to tame the frizz and keep the natural shine of the hair.

  • The Hair Isn't Obtained Through Inhumane Methods

  • Many people share the misconception that companies make their wigs by obtaining raw hair through unethical means. Although the hair industry isn’t free of awful and unethical practices, most companies, such as Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair, get their hair from Indians who donate them.

    With millions of men, women, and children participating in this act called Tonsure, Indian hair is easily attainable. Since giving up hair is seen as a symbol of pride in Hinduism, no person must be forced into giving their locks away. 

  • Indian Hair Comes in Different Textures

  • There are several images of long and straight Indian hair, but contrary to what many believe, it’s also available in other types of textures! Many companies sell wavy and curly raw Indian hair that’s more of a 2c or 3a, similar to a loose wave.

    Unfortunately, kinky textures of virgin Indian hair do not exist and have to be chemically processed to achieve the kinky texture. The curl patterns would be altered to produce a kinky look, so the hair would no longer be considered virgin since it underwent a chemical process.


    Raw and virgin Indian hair is the best! With the proper maintenance, care, and styling, your human hair wig or weave can help you look even more beautiful and confident so that you can be the best version of yourself. As long as you purchase your hair from a trusted and reputable supplier, you’re sure to enjoy your new locks for a long time.

    Do you want to feel empowered with beautiful, luscious hair? Then, you may want to consider wearing ourunprocessed Indian hair wigs at Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair! We hand select our hair and go straight to the source to provide you with the best. Shop our human hair wigs andbundles today!

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