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June 16, 2020 2 min read

I started this business because I wanted to provide quality raw hair extensions and wigs but, I also wanted to serve those women who are too busy to get their hair or lashes done every week, or who don't wear a lot of makeup but still want to look polished.

As a person of color and in celebration of the upcoming Juneteenth holiday, I know my dream became a reality because of Christina Jenkins paving the way for Black-owned business owners such as myself.

You may have never heard of Christina Jenkins but, if you rock a weave, or a wig that actually fits, it's thanks to Christina Jenkins.

Christina M. Jenkins was born as Christina Mae Thomas on December 25, 1920 in Louisiana. Christina Jenkins graduated with a bachelor's degree in science from Leland College near Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1943. Jenkins also received a teaching certificate in mathematics and taught for a while. Later, she married jazz musician Herman Duke Jenkins.

She began researching ways to secure wigs and hairpieces while working for a wig manufacturer in Chicago. She moved to Malvern, Ohio near Canton and continued developing what she called the “HairWeev” method.At the time, wigs and pieces were secured to the head using pins. Jenkins’ more lengthy technique involved braiding hair in cornrows, sewing extensions onto netting, and then attaching the netting to the cornrows. While this method did result in a bulky and stiff style, it lasted much longer than traditional techniques.

She was granted a patent for her “HairWeeve” method in 1952. Jenkins owned and operated Christina’s HairWeev Penthouse Salon in Cleveland until 1993. She trained hundreds of professional hair stylists, both domestically and abroad, during her career. Today, the sew-in weave technique has been perfected offering innumerable options for those seeking long-lasting protective styles.

All because of Mrs. Christina Jenkins, a true African-American innovator, educator, and originator!

I've inserted a video below of Mrs. Jenkins walking us through her process, it's fascinating to watch, there is some static in parts but, it's a great piece of our history.

Thanks to Christina M. Jenkins, I now can provide you with bundles, wigs, and accessories that:

1. Are fully tested by myself and my staff

2. Are easy to use and affordable too

3. Reflect our standards for quality and longevity

Are you ready to achieve your Fabulous in 5 look? I thought so.

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