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January 18, 2020 2 min read

In this video we tested unprocessed raw virgin hair by washing, applying heat, and applying fire. Our goal was to determine the authenticity and quality of the hair. We want to make sure that all of the products we offer are premium quality.

Hi everyone today we'll be testing Brazilian virgin hair and the testing methods we'll be using today will be the washing method, fire method, and the heat method.

For the washing method we'll be using suave professionals and Silicone mix. A lighter for the fire method. And my favorite pair of flat irons for the heat method.

So let's get started testing Virgin Hair. What you want to
look for is how fast the hair catches fire and unpleasant smell and ash residue from burning the hair. Now once
you burn the hair there's gonna be little black balls at the end of the hair where you have ignited that will fire when you
touch these balls they are going to give off an ash residue as you see here I'm gonna burn a strip of synthetic hair as
well to show you the difference. Synthetic hair does not burn quickly or give off our ash residue.

When using the heat test for virgin hair what you're looking for is to see if any of the hair strands melt. If any of the strands melt there is clearly synthetic hair present and this is not a hundred percent virgin hair so, before we invest in any vendors we test the hair using the heat method to ensure that we are giving our customers the best quality.

When doing the water test, what you're looking for is to see
if the hair holds true to its pattern. After washing the hair let it dry overnight these are the results the hair stays true to this pattern, it's not as tight as we originally received it but everything pretty much stayed true to it's pattern.

Thank you all for watching and please be on the lookout for our next video using these same hair strips to test the bleaching method.

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