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March 08, 2022 3 min read

Essential Tips to Increase the Life of Your Magnetic Lashes

Everybody knows by now that we can get high-quality glue-on lashes for one-tenth the price of the magnetic lash. However, magnetic lashes turn out to be less expensive than glue-on lashes, because you can reuse them for a long period of time. This allows you to get more bang for your buck! 

Magnetic lashes keep their shape for months, unlike glue-on lashes, which lose shape after 2-3 treatments. Furthermore, there is no sticky glue to apply on and remove from your lids, which can be tricky at times! As long as they are properly cared for, magnetic lashes will definitely last longer that you’d expect. 

Read on to discover some essential tips to increase the life of your magnetic lashes.

Tip No. 1: Keep a Consistent Cleaning Routine

Magnetic lashes are simple to clean. Dust and particles do not attach to adhesive. Micro-magnets are incredibly small magnets with flawless surfaces.

To remove the magnetic eyeliner, dampen a Qtip or cotton pad with makeup remover. When eyeliner residue is re-used on magnets, it has the potential to weaken them. Not to mention how repulsive it is to wear expired eyeliner or mascara… As a result, swab with a Qtip or cotton pad   after usage!

Tip No. 2: Gently Extract Lash from the Holder

Sometimes (or all the time), it’s incredibly tempting to just remove them and rip them off. Pulling, however, alters the lash curve and stresses the micro-magnets. As these magnets naturally work against your pulling, you may risk decreasing its effectiveness in the long run.

As such, carefully pull your magnetic lash from the strip with your thumb. The lash will slip off the holder rather than being yanked. This way, you can keep your lashes' shape and length!

Tip No. 3: Don’t Apply Mascara on Your Magnetic Eyelashes

Mascara is meant to be applied on natural lashes. Although, this may not be true for magnetic eyelashes. When it comes to falsies and magnetic lashes, mascara greatly shortens their lifespan! 

Heavy mascaras also have a habit of clumping both natural lashes and magnetic eyelashes. While you may believe that this defines the look of your lashes, the gratification is temporary. Additionally, waterproof mascara is even more difficult to remove since rubbing causes breakage to the magnetic eyelashes.

Tip No. 4: Use a Lash Keeper

Using a case does wonders for your magnetic eyelashes, such as keeping its shape, keeping it clean, and keeping the magnetism. A lash case (likethis one) keeps it from becoming nonmagnetic. To keep the lash's magnetism, always reintroduce it into the kit after usage. Also, just keep your magnetic lashes in the kit if you aren't wearing them!

Tip No. 5: Avoid Demagnetization

High temperatures and high voltage electricity can both demagnetize magnets. Extreme heat can permanently modify magnet metal, causing it to lose its magnetic properties. Excessive voltage can weaken a magnet. Magnetic lashes should be kept away from powerful magnets and charging locations because they can cause it to catch fire. Maintain a cool, dry, and electronic-free environment.


Beauty routines don’t just include looking good, mixing colors, and buying the best makeup products. Often, they come with maintaining your tools. After all, they are an investment! This is why it’s important to keep your magnetic lashes safe and in shape at all times. With these tips, you don’t just get more stunning, you also get more out of your money!

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