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  • A Quick Guide to Using Raw Indian Hair

    July 26, 2021 3 min read

    A Quick Guide to Using Raw Indian Hair

    For the pure brilliance and beauty that it offers, raw Indian hair ranks high in the area of hair extensions. It is thicker, shinier, more glossy, and more flexible than any other hair for premium wigs and bundles. With appropriate care, raw Indian hair may easily last 3 to 5 years.

    Raw Indian hair is popular because of its exquisite texture and naturally dark hue, making it perfect for hair weaving applications. It may be groomed to produce whatever appearance you choose, and its beauty will last for a long time. We take the effort to select the highest quality hair and get our raw Indian hair straight from India because you deserve long-lasting, gorgeous hair.

    Choosing Quality Above Anything

    Raw Indian hair is natural, attractive, and blends nicely with your own hair. It is the favored option for longevity and quality over any other when adequately maintained. As a result, it is critical that you source from a reliable supplier.

    Furthermore, raw and virgin Indian hair lasts longer than synthetic or processed raw hair. While it is more expensive, raw Indian hair can be fashioned in various ways and can resist heat and product use, making it a fantastic value worth the money spent

    Things to Know About Virgin Indian Hair

    If there is one thing you should know about raw and virgin Indian hair, it is that it is entirely unprocessed, silicone-free, and has natural color and structure. Let's take a quick look at its many components:

  • Texture

  • The natural texture of Indian hair ranges from straight, deep curled, to slightly wavy, with straight being the most popular option. They are also commonly offered as natural straight, somewhat wavy, naturally wavy, and curly. Although finding particular patterns may be challenging, keep in mind that raw Indian hair is flexible and may be styled to straighten or curl using heat (flat iron) or just flexirods/curlers.

  • Color

  • Indian hair comes in a variety of natural brown and black hues. Because no color or bleach is applied on raw Indian hair, there may be a little color difference between bundles. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, ask an expert hairdresser to mix two separate bundles for your desired hair volume.

  • Hair Care

  • It is simple to care for raw Indian hair. Brush it frequently, wash and condition it using high-quality products, and keep it clean and healthy. Keep in mind that residue from hairsprays and other products must be dissolved. These simple tips will give you gorgeous hair that is silky, sleek, and beautiful to touch.

  • How much hair should you buy?

  • For a sew-in or weave with a closure purchase three bundles of hair. For a sew-in or weave with a frontal purchase two bundles of hair. For a full sew-in three or four bundles is recommended. And, with no expiration date on hair, opt to invest in some additional bundles. For longer hair, beyond 18 inches, or for more volume, an additional bundle would be perfect.


    Aside from its impressive quality and promising advantages, the longevity of your raw Indian hair will ultimately be determined by the upkeep and care you give to it. Keep in mind that excellent care equals good health and longevity. Trust us when we say that you won't regret giving raw Indian hair a try if durability and elegance are paramount to you. 

    Are you looking for thebest human hair extensions? Christopher Antonthy’s Premium Raw Virgin Hair offers carefully selected choices dedicated to delivering quality and client empowerment. Look and feel the difference—shop now!

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