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  • A 5-Step Guide to Making Dry Human Hair Wigs Soft Once Again

    February 16, 2022 3 min read

    A 5-Step Guide to Making Dry Human Hair Wigs Soft Once Again

    Human hair wigs are some of the most high-quality variations on the market, making them perfect for wearing and styling when needed. They can be an incredibly fabulous addition to your overall look. However, they may be prone to going dry when a wig wearer mistreats the strands a little too harshly or fails to provide them with the proper maintenance.

    Human hair wigs don’t have the normal sebum that your skin, including your scalp, produces. Without such natural oils, it’s not hard to see why the strands go and stiffen up. Coupling that absence with the heat of your curling iron or straighteners and other hair stressors such as hard water and sun exposure, all those factors can ruin the wig no matter the quality.

    Some may opt to just get a replacement when their human hair wigs go dry, which is quite recommended if there’s no saving the current one. However, if it’s just an initial dryness early on, consider it a minor issue. 

    You can definitely revitalize the whole wig and make it smooth once again to make the most out of your investment. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can turn your dry human hair wig soft and usable again:

    1) Pre-Wash With Oil

    The very first step that will save your human hair wig is to pre-wash it with oil. Giving it this initial moisture will allow the strands a much better chance at getting revived, especially for those hairpieces that are a little more curly and frizzy due to the dryness.

    Plus, shampoo, conditioners, and other products may contain certain chemicals that your wig may not be able to handle. Consider the oil as a protective barrier that is pretty much like how sebum covers your natural hair. 

    2) Use Shampoo 

    Lather up the wig with some shampoo to cleanse it off any extra oil from before. Be gentle yet thorough during this step, especially when you move to rinse all of the solutions away. Be sure to use a less harsh shampoo that contains oil as well so that it’s gentler on the wig. 

    3) Add Moisture

    After using shampoo, utilize a conditioner on the human hair wig that would be able to restore its softer condition. Get every tip of the hairpieces, as well as the nape of the wig itself. Allow these products to sit on the wig for a while before you rinse it out to get the maximum effect.

    4) Get a Hair Mask

    For an extra boost that will surely get rid of dryness in the wig, try to use a hair mask that’ll act as a deep conditioner for the human hair wig. Like the previous steps, cover up every inch of the hair to ensure that no patch will be left dry before rinsing.

    5) Let It Dry

    After adding so much moisture and washing all of the product out of the human hair wig, it’s time to let everything dry. Be sure to carefully brush the strands to prevent tangles. Avoid using a hairdryer or any excessive heat and just allow airdrying to take place.


    Following these five steps should bring your human hair wig back to perfection. Strive to provide it with better maintenance after and even in between uses so that you can avoid similar issues in the future.

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