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July 21, 2021 2 min read

Hair is important both among men and women. Since it is our crowning glory, we must take the necessary steps to take care of it. Some people, to change their looks or address the loss of their hair, wear wigs. Through wigs, you can change the style, color, and even the length of your hair. 

Wigs can be made out of raw or virgin hair. Between the two, which one should you choose? Here is a guide to help you decide which material you want for a wig.

  • Raw Hair Does Not Go Through Any Processes

  • If you prefer to have hair on your head that feels the same way the donor had it on his or her hair, go for raw hair. They are often unaltered, untouched, and only cleaned before weaving into a wig cap. Meanwhile, if you prefer more texture, go for raw virgin hair. It is also untreated. However, it was processed through steaming to create and give it texture.

  • Raw Hair Only Has Three Textures

  • As mentioned above, raw hair can feel as though it came straight from the donor—closer to the texture of human hair. Raw hair only comes in three textures: straight, natural wave, and curly. If you prefer a more complex texture, virgin hair might be more fitting. The steam can give it texture. Virgin hair has more options, such as deep wave, kinky curly, and water wave.

  • Raw Hair Requires Maintenance

  • If you don’t like to take care of your hair,  raw hair is not for you. Since the hair is unaltered or untouched, with neither chemicals nor processing, it gets dry as often as your own hair would. Raw hair requires a lot of moisturizing and conditioning. For busy people, this may be a struggle since it can take a lot of time. It may be better to use it for important events. 

  • Raw Hair Is More Expensive

  • Although nothing has been done to it, raw hair is more expensive than virgin hair. Prices can start from $200 and could go up depending on the vendor. Keep in mind that, with raw hair, you will always pay more.

  • Raw Hair Is More Scarce
  • If you’re expecting to use raw hair in urgent situations, scratch that off your mind. Most sellers run out of stock easily, and shipments take as long as a month before they arrive. In this way, virgin hair might be better. But since we are in a global pandemic, make sure to give time for deliveries as shipments take longer than they used to.


    There is definitely a huge difference between raw and virgin hair. However, the best way to make a decision is to know exactly where you would use the wig or extensions. Through identification, you should be able to quickly determine which type of material works best for you.

    Christopher Anthony’s Premium Raw Virgin Hair is  one of the best places to gethuman hair wigs and bundles from. Check out our shop and let us know if you see something you like!

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