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May 17, 2021 3 min read

Magnetic eyelashes aren’t exactly new in the beauty industry. You’ve probably heard of them before, and chances are, you’ve seen them fluttering all over your Instagram feed without recognizing it. That’s the thing with these magnetic falsies; they are incredibly easy to use while maintaining that natural look. If you want to know more about this new beauty hack, here are a couple of good reasons why you should definitely switch over to magnetic eyelashes.

Reason #1: Easy to Apply; Easy to Remove

When using magnetic lashes, you don’t need a crash course to learn how to apply them perfectly. There’s no glue involved, and it already comes with a lash applicator. With the applicator, you simply apply the magnetic eyeliner, attach the lash on the eyeliner, and let it work its magic. 

Compare that to the traditional eyelash extensions, where it would take 30 minutes to maybe two hours to apply, especially if it’s professionally done. Not to mention the amount of time it takes for the glue to dry. Whereas magnetic lash can be applied almost instantly. Removing it is almost as easy as applying it. You just pinch the lashes and remove them entirely.

Reason #2: Weatherproof Properties

One of the greatest perks of using magnetic lashes is that it’s weatherproof. Even with prolonged exposure to water, heat, and other harsh elements, these lashes stay on for up to 10 hours without falling off or smudging. It’s so well-protected that it even borders on being life-proof. No matter what life throws at it, your magnetic lashes will never fall off.

Reason #3: Safe and Cruelty-Free

One of the biggest concerns of many people about glue-on eyelash extensions is the hazardous substances mixed in with the glue. A lot of people have reported experiencing severe allergic reactions to the glue because of all the toxic chemicals it contains. 

Some examples of those harmful chemicals include formaldehyde and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate. The former is considered a carcinogen that can adversely affect your brain and the organs in your body. Latex and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, on the other hand, are both irritants that are known to cause eye and skin irritation and, in some cases, even an infection.

You don’t have to deal with any of these substances when using magnetic eyelashes since they don’t use any form of chemical adhesive. They rely solely on the magnetic coating on the lashes, which prevents your natural eyelashes from becoming dry and brittle.

Reason #4: Style Availability

Whether you’re looking for lashes or liners, the magnetic lash system carries a wide range of options that are suitable to your needs. Lashes mostly come in natural, medium, and extra, while eyeliners can be cream or gel. The style options are practically limitless, and you can easily choose whatever suits your preference or need.

Reason #5: Cost-Effective Alternative

Glue-on eyelash extensions are mainly designed for one-time use. After that, the glue practically destroys the lashes by clumping up on the lash band. On the other hand, magnetic liners are pretty easy to clean, and it lasts for way more uses than regular lashes. All you need to do is wipe it off gently with micellar water and a qtip.


There’s no question that magnetic eyelashes are indeed the better option in almost all aspects of comparison. These five reasons are more than enough to convince you to try them out and see how perfect they look on you.

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