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The Magnetic Eyelashes Travel Case by Christopher Anthony

The Magnetic Eyelashes Travel Case by Christopher Anthony is the solution for all your magnetic eyelash storage needs.

NOTE: this is an empty case, lashes, liner, and applicator tool are not included.

This travel case holds one magnetic eyeliner, one lash applicator, and has two powerful magnets in the lid to hold one pair of lashes (but carry two if you need to). The sleek design will keep your lashes organized on-the-go! You'll never have to worry about forgetting an essential eyelash item again!

• Protects your magnetic lashes in an easy to store design
• Doesn't require any alterations to the lashes and can be used for any brand of eyelashes
• Travel size means it hardly takes up any room in your makeup bag or purse
• Makes putting on magnetic eyelashes easier because everything is within reach


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