Raw Indonesian Curly

Discover the epitome of elegance with Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Indonesian Curly. Sourced exclusively from 100% pure, unprocessed, and raw Indonesian hair from a single donor, this offering embodies authenticity and opulence.

Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Indonesian Curly is ideal for naturalists seeking a protective style that also preserves the allure of their natural curls.

Experience the luxurious softness, radiant shine, and impeccable manageability that define this exceptional hair. It wears seamlessly, boasting minimal to no shedding.

Unveil your artistic side with this hair - cut, bleach, dye, and heat-style it to your liking. Our counsel, however, is to nurture it as you would your own, using top-quality products to ensure it retains its splendor.

When seeking fullness and volume, we recommend purchasing three bundles for applications involving closures or leave-outs.

Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Indonesian Curly harmoniously merges authenticity, quality, and style. Elevate your hair journey and make a statement with every strand.

This unit can be colored with L'Oreal Technique  Excellence HiColor Highlights For Dark Hair Only.

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