Raw Indian Natural Curly Frontal

Discover the unparalleled beauty of Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Indian Natural Curly Hair, meticulously sourced from one donor at an Indian temple during our dedicated expedition to India. This 100% pure, unprocessed, raw Indian temple hair is a testament to our commitment to luxury and authenticity.

Experience the sheer softness and magnificence of the natural curly pattern, perfect for those seeking voluminous and captivating curls.

It's crucial to note that this hair remains unprocessed and entirely natural, free from any chemical treatment. For optimal results, we recommend embracing the hair's natural state and caring for it using a simple regimen of water and natural oils such as argan, almond, jojoba, or coconut. You can maintain the hair's exquisite texture and appearance by doing so.

Suppose you desire hair that can be effortlessly worn in its natural wavy state and straightened or curled. In that case, we enthusiastically suggest exploring our Raw Indian Natural Deep Wavy option, known for its exceptional versatility.

Rest assured, all our natural Indian hair extensions boast zero to minimal shedding and can be bleached, cut, dyed, and styled with heat. However, we encourage you to cherish this hair as you would your own, treating it with love and care.

The price mentioned is for one human hair extension bundle. We recommend ordering three bundles for a seamless closure or sew-in with leave-out to achieve the desired fullness and volume.

Discover the true essence of self-expression with Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Indian Natural Curly Hair. Enrich your look with the captivating charm of natural curls and embrace the freedom to color it using L'Oreal Technique Excellence HiColor Highlights for Dark Hair Only, adding your personal touch to your style.

Revel in the ultimate sophistication and genuine luxury of Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Indian Natural Curly Hair today. Redefine your hair journey with each exquisite curl.

IMPORTANT: For the benefit of our valued customers, we have implemented a policy that restricts the shipment of closures or frontals to new customers unless they are also purchasing our premium bundles. This measure is essential to uphold the consistency and quality of our products.

Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Indian Natural Curly Frontalpairs well with our Raw Indian Natural Curly Bundle.

This unit can be colored with L'Oreal Technique  Excellence HiColor Highlights For Dark Hair Only.

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