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    • At age 12, I was already working in a beauty salon, I have always loved hair. In my late teens I attended the Christine Valmy school for esthetics and worked as an esthetician for a famous New York doctor.  Strangely enough, this lead me to a degree in nursing and finally to my current career in medical research.

      No matter what my main job was, I always had a side hustle doing hair, whether it was working at a salon on weekends or braiding hair in my Mom's dining room, or doing weaves for family and friends, hair has always been my passion.

      In 2016 I lost my only child Christopher Anthony. After that, I kept thinking that I really wanted to start a business of my own. I had lot's of ideas none of which ever came to fruition, then finally in late 2019 I realized that I wanted to get in this hair biz again.

      I was inspired to come back because, like you, I have been taken advantage of, buying units for ridiculous prices, broken promises about the quality and durability of the hair,  sellers disappearing after a sale. I was also frequently annoyed by the fact that the people we were shelling out this hair money to, couldn't even communicate with us about the products we were purchasing!

    • My goal, with Christopher Anthony's Premium Raw Virgin Hair is to provide premium quality single donor hair, superior customer service, and I also want to educate you about raw hair. 

    • It was important to us to have only premium quality raw hair so, we traveled to India to find the best vendors and hand select the hair

       We had planned a trip to China for the following month but we found out something that changed our minds.

    • We also visited several vendors. I want you to notice the difference in Indian hair "factories" versus the Chinese hair factories that you may have seen elsewhere. Indian hair businesses are usually family owned and run. They tend to be in little houses where they bring you in, feed you, ply you with tea and show you their whole process. There are no big vats filled with sulfur or bleach or whatever.