Mother's Day Magnetic Eyelashes Set with Travel Kit

Just in time for Mother's Day, we are offering our 10 pair magnetic eyelashes set with our magnetic eyelashes travel case.

Moms of every age are rocking our magnetic eyelashes!

The 10 styles of lashes in this set come with 6 magnets each so there's no need for adhesive glue and you can rest easy knowing that not one lash is going to move when the beat drops!

This epic eyelash set also includes TWO magnetic eyeliners  and a pair of magnetic tweezers. Say goodbye to painful removal and say hello to effortless application with the Christopher Anthony Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Set.

The Magnetic Eyelashes Travel Case by Christopher Anthony  means Mom

• Will never have to worry about forgetting to pack the right lashes again
• Has a case for her magnetic eyeliner and lash applicator too
• Keep your lashes protected, clean and ready to go
• Unique design never seen before in a magnetic eyelash case