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How To Wash Raw Indian Hair Bundles

July 05, 2020 4 min read

In this short video I am washing some bundles that recently arrived from India. I use Design Essentials shampoo but, there are many black-owned brands (Mielle Organics, Alikay Naturals, Urban Hydration,  Oyin Handmade just to name a few) that would also do a very good job on this hair. The idea is to take care of this hair just the way you would your own natural hair so that it can last you for years to come. 


Hey you guys, hope that you're having a beautiful Friday. It's July 3rd and the sun is outside shining and I had to wash some bundles. When we receive our bundles from the vendor I like to wash them and have them conditioned for you guys. So that's what I'm getting ready to do.

I have six bundles. This is our body wave, Indian hair, and I just want to do a quick tutorial for us to have on our site so that you guys could know how to wash your raw hair.

Raw hair is just like our hair, it requires a lot of moisture so what I like to do is, initially out the gate, I like to wash your bundles with the Silicone Mix. That's the shampoo and that's the conditioner. A lot of people are against the Silicone Mix products because they said it's like coating your hair with silicone. But I actually learned about these products from going to a Dominican hair salon and this is what they were using to wash my hair. And I never really had a problem with the coating of the hair, or it feeling really bad so I like the Silicone Mix. Maybe not recommended to use in every shampoo, mix it up, use some, what is that one in the brown bottle? It's a really good shampoo that they make now for black hair, Pantene. Excellent. They have a great co-wash and a regular shampoo. That's really excellent and it's reasonably priced.

So today I'm going to just give you a few steps on washing your natural hair. So always detangle starting at the bottom. Look how beautiful this hair is and that is just coming right out of the box from this vendor. Here's another one. I love it. No shedding, nothing on the comb. Great. Okay. Then we're just going to wet our hair, get these open in advance. Wet the hair. Like I said, I used to wash one bundle at a time. I was here all day y'all so, now I just do my little two bundles at a time.

It didn't really smell dirty or anything, I just didn't like the fact that they were in the box for so long. This set of bundles was prepared for me since March and then COVID kind of hit hard and I didn't receive it until like June 7th or something. The order was so big, I'm just getting to the rest of the bundles. I had a lot to wash. I had wigs to wash. So anyway, just thought I would do this little tutorial for you guys.

Just a little shampoo, take one of the bundles, just kind of rub the shampoo in with your fingers. I also wash the weft part, soap that that up as well. This one is all lathered up and good to go, throw that in the sink. And I'm going to lather up this one.

A good way to tell if your hair is not really dirty is if it lathers without you having to add a whole lot of shampoo and, on this bundle, I didn't even add shampoo. I shouldn't say I didn't add shampoo, I didn't add extra shampoo. I had on my hand and I just, you know. We're going to mix these two together.

You guys, I just love this raw Indian hair. Why? It's just... It's like our own hair and lasts for years. You treat it right and it treats you right. It doesn't tangle. You have minimal shedding. I mean the hairs on the website you could expect a little bit but I mean... When I went to India, they showed us how they actually source the hair from the temple and the processes they go through to prepare it and ship it to us in the US and they shampoo it like crazy, disinfect the hair with just natural products. When I say disinfect, they delice the hair. They sit there and the women pull out strand by strand, any gray strands. They go through a process and once they put on the weft, they washed it again to make sure that all your cuticles are aligned. If they wash it and it comes out really tangly they sell that tangled bad hair to the China factories.

So when you're getting raw Indian hair from China, yeah they're not lying, it's hair from India, it is, but it's the trash hair and if you ever see one of the videos where someone is touring a factory in China you'll see the big vats of chemicals that they have, that they process this hair in to make it what we want it to be. So that's another video y'all. I didn't come here to talk about bad Chinese hair. Everybody likes what they like, I get it.

Just getting extra excess water out. Okay. Put on some conditioner.

Once again, I just use my fingers and get it to condition through. Then I put it like this, I like to put it in a plastic bag, kind of make me feel like I'm doing a hot treatment. Throw it in there. Get this on the bundle, do the same thing. Swirl it in. Swirl it, swirl it, get it and throw it in my little makeshift hot oil treatment guys and that is it.

And I don't blow dry my bundles, I kind of hang them out. So today's a beautiful day so I'm seizing the moment to let them sit outside in my yard on a towel and get dry. So I will take a picture of the bundles laying out to dry to add to this video.

Love you guys. Thank you once again for all of your support. You guys are super amazing. Black people do support each other and you guys have been out here supporting me a hundred percent. Thank you so much.

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